Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grandma's 80th Birthday

Grandma just turned 80th years old! Alth0ugh she is 80 years old, she pretty much still can cook (sometimes the food tasteless), can walk (she dont let people to hold her while walking down the stairs), can sew, can watch TV and play textris (dont pray pray). She is pretty much healthy despite diabetic.

We brought her to Jiong Moon Yan (Eric's Tsang Steamboat) since gu cheh said long time she didnt dine there. We wanted to book a room for ourselves. When I called and made reservation, the lady told me that for room booking, it has to be more RM350 of order. Then I was like WTH?? Got minimum order somemore one wor! How can 8 people possibly eat more than RM350??? Can, by ordering expensive stuffs lor. We didnt get a room obviously.

Sharkfin soup. Which was bland.

Loh Han Zhai.

Stir fried deer meat. This taste was ok but the deer meat was a bit tough and big pieces.

Yin Choy Tong. Not bad actually.

We ordered one peking duck, since I have featured the peking duck before, I didnt take the photo. The peking duck was as fantastic as usual. The other portion, we ordered the duck to be cook with Jiong Sou Mien ('longevity noodle') since it is auspicious and must-eat for birthday grandma.

Ma Latt Chicken pieces. I do hope that they can give us more chicken pieces rather than 70% of dried chilli. It was good and spicy nonetheless.

Gu Cheh bought a banana chocolate cake for grandma. Grandma was a bit blur when we set up the cake. Then when we started singing the song, she waved her hand and said 'no need la'. She was a bit embarrased. Hehe.

Family photo.

Grandma and her grand children.

Happy Birthday Grandma! Wish you are healthy and celebrate more birthdays with us ya!

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