Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ex-colleague gathering in Kokopelli

Had a dinner date with my ex-colleagues, Nicole, Heng and Ivan in Kokopelli on Tuesday. The moment I sat down, Heng whispered to me, “How’s your breast?”. I was shocked a bit thinking that why he so pervert one [he is so gonna kill me when he reads this], then only I remember that he is a reader of my blog. He read my first blog post on ‘breast cancer’ but he didn’t read the latest post stating that I am fine.

I looked at Heng and said that he is a big fat. Then his reaction was big, saying that,"Haiya, this is muscles you know, I went to gym 4 times a week!". Then I press press his arm, ooo....really is muscle wor, tough one. This fella really determine to tone up his body before marriage. Dont pray pray.

I ordered Carbonara pasta. Before I came, I google search about Kokopelli and found out that actually lots of bloggers critic the pasta dishes. A bit skeptical but I still ordered pasta to try out. It was actually not bad wor, very creamy and lots of mushrooms as well as big pieces of ham too.

Heng ordered Fish n Chips. Curi one piece of the fries and it tasted quite nice. I am a chips-lover.
Ivan ordered pizza. I forgotten the name of this dish.

Heng gave us 'red bom', so I will be travelling to Penang to attend his wedding dinner in mid-May. Need to plan my makan-makan trip liao. I am excited.

Nicole didn’t keep her Chinese-fringe (same fringe as me) liao coz she said she looks so young and her clients wont respect her. @@. I am old and I wanna look young but this girl so young wanna look old. Mou lek. She is going to Melbourne in September loo…gonna miss her. But thinking that I will have a place to sleep when I am in Melbourne, I am happy too! [Nic, you will let me stay at your place right when I visit you????]. Never been to Melbourne before, will plan a trip there in the future. I am excited.

Ivan’s wife is expecting. Gonna give birth soon. So good.

All my Chinese ex-colleagues are married! Left me only! Sigh… feeling depressed again. Heng told me that I have to use a tactic to tackle my situation. He suggested that I am showing too much of my eagerness to get married, I should tone it down to zero and show Boy boy that ‘I am happy without getting married, and I am not rushing into marrying you, I wanna spend my life as a single to the fullest’. Then only Boy boy will ‘gan cheong’. Erm….I told Heng that my boy boy wont feel gan cheong lor, he is more than happy if I do that. Hahaha….poor me.

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