Friday, April 30, 2010

Crocs warehouse sales 2010

This post is to describe to crazie girls who gone crazie during pre- and post- crocs warehouse sales. I think she was more crazie than me. And she almost gonna be a featured writer for my blog on this post, but ended up she didnt wanna do it. Say Hi to PY.

After I told her that there is a crocs warehouse sales during this weekend, she gone all crazie at first and later she found out that there Thursday is a preview for Digi user only. So we decided to go to Ikano on Thursday since both of us are Digi user.

That particular evening (Thursday), it rained heavily. Both of us was wet when we hopped from Angela's car to my car (Angela so nice she gave us a lift to our house after work). I told PY to sit behind (coz the entrance to my front passenger seat was blocked by a tree) since it was really heavy rain. When she was trying to move up to the seat from behind, she almost lost her balance and almost fell backwards. =.="

So I quickly started my engine and drove to Ikano. I was moving very fast because I need to past by the school before they finish school. But I got stucked at the Uptown there, stucked for 20 minutes. After coming out from LDP, massive jam! Everyone was cutting Q. [my mom said that we were so desperate until heavy rain also insist wanna go buy crocs].

After 1 hour on the road, finally we reached Ikano. PY wanna go to toilet but she said she will tahan until she come out from Crocs sales first. Really a super fan! While on the way up, we saw lots of people holding big big packets of crocs shoes, we got more excited.

When we reached the entrance and saw there was not too many people, actually it was not crowded at all. There is nowhere stating Digi users preview sales, so we saw lots of people went it without showing their handphone to the person standing at the entrance.

The shoes were arranged based on sizes and we quickly went and scanned through size 5 and 6. We got the same pair as what PY was wearing that day. We tried to ask for different color but all the girls there just said no more stocks without even looking at the boxes behind them. There was one particular girl just said to us in a sarcastic manner, "you should have come in the morning". WTH!!! You think we no need to work ar???

Without giving up, we walked up and down 5 times to look for the desired shoes. Until one point that a Malay guy asked us what size we are looking for. PY told him that she wanted a different color of this [showing the shoe that we are holding] coz she was wearing the same pair same color as well [lifted her leg up to show that guy that she is indeed wearing the same pair same color shoe]. I burst out laughing. But the tactic really works, that guy went to the boxes and tried to find, but in the end, it was really out of stock.

Finally PY gave up. I was a bit disappointed in a sense that I was hoping there will sell Alice at a lower price. But size 5 - 6 really have limited model and color. So unfair. So in the end, both of us bought the same shoe same color same size at RM40.

After that, we went to Sakae Sushi. Both of us ordered Beef Shiogayaki and Agesashi Tofu Bento set (RM19.90). We doesnt want to order so expensive but who cares la.... our bonus coming what....screw it!

Bento set the consists of a bowl miso soup, chawanmushi, beef slices, agesashi tofu and a bowl of rice.

Agesashi tofu is one of my favourite Japanese food and Sakae had nicely done it. Ireally like that the texture and the sauce that comes with it, quite thick sauce and soft tofu.

Sliced beef sauteed with ginger sauce. Actually I expected quite a heavy marination for this but it turned out to be slightly marinated beef. Of coz I was slightly disappointed but still the taste was fine. The beef was not tough, but it was served in big slices. They should have cut it into smaller sizes for easy consumption [cheh, as if I have no teeth to bite].

Miso soup was a bit salty. The chawanmushi was quite good actually. I dont like to eat chawanmushi but this Sakae version was really edible. It was filled with ingredients like mushroom, the fish paste that looks like sun like that one (dont know what is it called), a piece of chicken and crabstick. I quite enjoyed it.

After buying curry puffs from Ikea, we went to New Zealand ice cream to buy ice cream. It was expensive but we really wanted to eat ice cream. Who cares??? screw it! We bought it! The sales guy was really good and polite.

Let's see what we have bought:

The crocs shoe is inside the orange plastic bag. New Zealand ice cream one big one small (on each hand) and 2 packets of curry puffs. We went back happily!

The Crocs that PY and I bought. Actually she was wearing another same pair that day as well.

If next time got crocs warehouse, we really must take leave and go early in the morning and sapu all the crocs!!! Out tagline for day: SCREW IT! Whatever you feel like buying, just buy; Whatever you feel like eating, just eat. Dont look at the price! That's our motto.
Now, I wanna go eat my New Zealand ice cream.

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