Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bowling Competition

Today my company organized a bowling competition in Cineleisure. The registration starts at 11.30am. I planned to leave my house at 11am, so I woke up my bro (who suppose to go to work) and asked whether he wanna wake up or not, if not, no one will fetch him to the LRT station.

After waiting for him to bath, he asked me to teman him for lunch 1st. So we went to the newly opened kopitiam just outside our house, called Mama Kopitiam. The menu was not as wide range as the other kopitiam that my family always go near Atria. The pricing was consider cheap.

As the pricing is relatively cheap, the milo ais and neslo ais has no taste in it, tasted like water with a tint of milo like that only. It came in a big glass though. But my bro said he rather the shop serves a good milo in a small cup rather than a tasteless milo in a big glass.

Bro ordered char kuey teow seafood (RM5). It was not bad.

I ordered Little Claypot Loh Shue Fun. Once the waiter open the cover, me and my bro were shocked as the claypot was filled with soup. A normal claypot loh shue fun is dry one wor. It tasted like 'wat dan hor' but a diluted version. If the soup is coupled with hor fun then it is ok. But loh shue fun in wat dan hor soup???? a bit weird I can say. Didnt finish it.
Bro predicted that this kopitiam wont last long. I agreed.

So, I dropped my bro at LRT station then I went to cineleisure. Reached around 12.30pm and have some lunch there. We suppose to start at 2pm but the big group before us started later than scheduled and they played until 3.15pm. What a jerk! Wasting our time waiting for them.
PY and Nik. Introducing Nik, the most prettiest girl in our department. Boy boy said so too, he said the most prettiest in my company. Hahaha.

Our neighbour team: Team Projek Cuci Longkang. So hyper until they cant stand still and let me take a clearer picture. And the people went and spelled their team name wrongly as 'Projek Cucu Longkang'. Wahahhaha!

My team in white colour 'uniform' as to support our team spirit. Our team name is CSSD Angels, the only all-girls team among 18 teams.

Our neighbour team asked the 'photographer' to take a photo of them from a higher angle.

All the colorful balls.

Our score first round. The initials were so farnie: LM is me as in Loh Mun, AC is Angela Lai as in Angela Chooi, NN is Nik Naziah (the only correct initial but they spelled her full name as Nik Nariah), TY is PY as in Tai Yee. What a stupid system. Somemore the first round, our team name didnt appear on the screen. Bengang!

Second round score. Stupid fella spelled wrongly our team name. Doink!

Third round score. I hit more than 100 points! Happy happy.

Obviously our team didnt win, other groups' total was like 400, 500 and one group even hit 600! We must add oil next time! arms pain now.


farahsee said...


siewmun said...

of coz la, yr team got 3 terror guys wor...

our team second last. hahaha.

phuiyee said...

Wa. farah see, begitu hebat ka?

Siew Mun: I love the Project Cuci Longkang's picture. the one asri cover his head with a white cloth. So funny...