Friday, April 30, 2010

Crocs warehouse sales 2010

This post is to describe to crazie girls who gone crazie during pre- and post- crocs warehouse sales. I think she was more crazie than me. And she almost gonna be a featured writer for my blog on this post, but ended up she didnt wanna do it. Say Hi to PY.

After I told her that there is a crocs warehouse sales during this weekend, she gone all crazie at first and later she found out that there Thursday is a preview for Digi user only. So we decided to go to Ikano on Thursday since both of us are Digi user.

That particular evening (Thursday), it rained heavily. Both of us was wet when we hopped from Angela's car to my car (Angela so nice she gave us a lift to our house after work). I told PY to sit behind (coz the entrance to my front passenger seat was blocked by a tree) since it was really heavy rain. When she was trying to move up to the seat from behind, she almost lost her balance and almost fell backwards. =.="

So I quickly started my engine and drove to Ikano. I was moving very fast because I need to past by the school before they finish school. But I got stucked at the Uptown there, stucked for 20 minutes. After coming out from LDP, massive jam! Everyone was cutting Q. [my mom said that we were so desperate until heavy rain also insist wanna go buy crocs].

After 1 hour on the road, finally we reached Ikano. PY wanna go to toilet but she said she will tahan until she come out from Crocs sales first. Really a super fan! While on the way up, we saw lots of people holding big big packets of crocs shoes, we got more excited.

When we reached the entrance and saw there was not too many people, actually it was not crowded at all. There is nowhere stating Digi users preview sales, so we saw lots of people went it without showing their handphone to the person standing at the entrance.

The shoes were arranged based on sizes and we quickly went and scanned through size 5 and 6. We got the same pair as what PY was wearing that day. We tried to ask for different color but all the girls there just said no more stocks without even looking at the boxes behind them. There was one particular girl just said to us in a sarcastic manner, "you should have come in the morning". WTH!!! You think we no need to work ar???

Without giving up, we walked up and down 5 times to look for the desired shoes. Until one point that a Malay guy asked us what size we are looking for. PY told him that she wanted a different color of this [showing the shoe that we are holding] coz she was wearing the same pair same color as well [lifted her leg up to show that guy that she is indeed wearing the same pair same color shoe]. I burst out laughing. But the tactic really works, that guy went to the boxes and tried to find, but in the end, it was really out of stock.

Finally PY gave up. I was a bit disappointed in a sense that I was hoping there will sell Alice at a lower price. But size 5 - 6 really have limited model and color. So unfair. So in the end, both of us bought the same shoe same color same size at RM40.

After that, we went to Sakae Sushi. Both of us ordered Beef Shiogayaki and Agesashi Tofu Bento set (RM19.90). We doesnt want to order so expensive but who cares la.... our bonus coming what....screw it!

Bento set the consists of a bowl miso soup, chawanmushi, beef slices, agesashi tofu and a bowl of rice.

Agesashi tofu is one of my favourite Japanese food and Sakae had nicely done it. Ireally like that the texture and the sauce that comes with it, quite thick sauce and soft tofu.

Sliced beef sauteed with ginger sauce. Actually I expected quite a heavy marination for this but it turned out to be slightly marinated beef. Of coz I was slightly disappointed but still the taste was fine. The beef was not tough, but it was served in big slices. They should have cut it into smaller sizes for easy consumption [cheh, as if I have no teeth to bite].

Miso soup was a bit salty. The chawanmushi was quite good actually. I dont like to eat chawanmushi but this Sakae version was really edible. It was filled with ingredients like mushroom, the fish paste that looks like sun like that one (dont know what is it called), a piece of chicken and crabstick. I quite enjoyed it.

After buying curry puffs from Ikea, we went to New Zealand ice cream to buy ice cream. It was expensive but we really wanted to eat ice cream. Who cares??? screw it! We bought it! The sales guy was really good and polite.

Let's see what we have bought:

The crocs shoe is inside the orange plastic bag. New Zealand ice cream one big one small (on each hand) and 2 packets of curry puffs. We went back happily!

The Crocs that PY and I bought. Actually she was wearing another same pair that day as well.

If next time got crocs warehouse, we really must take leave and go early in the morning and sapu all the crocs!!! Out tagline for day: SCREW IT! Whatever you feel like buying, just buy; Whatever you feel like eating, just eat. Dont look at the price! That's our motto.
Now, I wanna go eat my New Zealand ice cream.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My health report

Boy boy and I did a health check at Pathlab and we got the report.

Everything are fine except one, which I already expected:

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL: 4.6 (Reference range should be <5.2).

Although not out of the range, mine is reaching the borderline. But at least, it wasnt six point something ok.

HDL: readings within range.

LDL: 2.8 (Reference range should be <2.6).>
And now, I am slightly above the range. Too much of bad cholesterol. Doctor put a comment beside,"decrease fat intake, exercise". Sienz lor, you ask me to decrease fat intake I can do it, but ask me to exercise??? You want me to die meh? I am not an exercise person also. Cham lor like that.

The farnie thing is that Boy boy always exercise (he is very fit and have muscles one), the total cholesterol level is 4.6 also, same as me!! why I bother to exercise right??? just decrease the fats enough lor hor???

Once boy boy heard that his cholesterol level is approaching the border line, he went to play futsal the next day. So kiasi la him!

PY asked me to take oats every morning. Sigh.... oats are so tasteless, how to eat?

eat bread cannot meh?

bread plus peanut butter plus margerine can?

Chocolate nestum can?

I can cut down on the amount of nasi lemak I take though.

Cut down on fried stuffs lor. Eat chicken dont eat the skin lor.

Eat more homecook food hor.

But I love to eat seafood wor, especially prawns!! how ar like that?

Cannot eat this, cannot eat that....can die one you know.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitchen Creatures - Bandar Utama

Read some reviews on this restaurant and feel like eating their burgers and fries, so we went and try out. Its concept is 'No-frills dinning' where you dont need to pay government tax or service charge. But according to the banner behind Boy boy, 'Tips are welcome'.

We ordered Monsterized Ice Cream Soda (RM7) which is the cheapest drink if you divided by two. They didnt serve the drink until we asked them and we were half way through eating the pasta. It was after 9pm and the restaurant is only 1/4 occupied. A simple thing as this, they can overlook it.

Boy boy ordered Seafood Garlic Cream Sauce (RM15). When I see the cream, I expected something like carbonara sauce. But it turn out quite salty and nothing carbonary-like besides the creamy sauce. Even it was mentioned 'garlic' in the menu, but I does not taste a hint of garlic in it. For a super garlic lover like me, it was disappointing. The seafood was ok, fresh la. The tiny pieces of fish fillet was on the salty side.

I wanted to order Monsterized Burger - Chicken (the other option is beef patty). When the waiter took my order, I specifically said that I want chicken and no beef bacon in it. When he repeated the order, I again added on 'no beef'. 5 minutes later, the waiter came back and asked,'you ordered monsterized burger?" I said,"yes, chicken, not beef". That was the third time I said 'no beef'. [at that time, Boy boy has started eating his pasta].

Another 5 minutes later, the manager came and said, 'sorry, we dont have any more chicken, can we change to beef?'. WTH?? I already told your waiter that I DONT WANT BEEF, cant he convey the message to you??? Then I still said nicely, "no beef". "would you like to try pasta?". "Nope". Then he thought I really want something with chicken, so he pointed to a chicken dish that uses chicken breast. Who the heck wanna take chicken breast if I am paying so much??? [I admit that I have lose a bit of my patience with them, it was already 9.15pm and I am freaking hungry].

At the end, I pointed at the Grilled Lamb Chop (RM17). 10 minutes later, it was served and I was a bit disappointed with the portion. 2 small pieces of lamb with big bones. The lamb came with lots of fats too. The lamb and the sauce tasted ok. Out of the 3 veggies served, 2 (long beans and cauliflower) are on my dislike list. But I finished the veggies though, I know the importance of veggies after my sickness a month ago. The mash potatos were dry and tasteless, I do hope that they can put some sauce on it. I was not full after eating this.

Overall, I was not too happy with the services and the food, and no chicken Monsterized burger for me when I was aiming to have it. Never mind la, what do you expect when people dont charge you 'service charge'. But I totally cannot tolerate this. Dont think I will go back there anymore. Will go scout for other burgers somewhere.

Kitchen Creatures
Lot F110, Centre Point,
3, Lebuh Bandar Utama.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fierry Baby JL

Is baby JL!

When I asked him to smile, he gave this face. Hahaha.

Here is a video I took when baby JL is playing with Boy boy.

When I showed this back to baby JL, he kept on watching and watching and watching. I think he watched 5times the same video continuously. While he was watching, at first he was amazed, after that he smiled to himself, until the end, he was talking to boy boy about the video in 'baby talk' style. So adorable!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eukanuba bucket

Posting this post for my sis to see. This time the Eukanuba bucket is dem nice wor. Better quality than last time which was a plastic one. More colorful, more doggie pictures, and looks like well-designed bucket lor.

Is actually the same bucket ya, I took picture of the back n front.

Restoran Sunrise - Taman Paramount

I wanted to eat Sunrise duck since ages ago and doesn’t get the chance. Towards end of last year, I started clearing my annual leaves on Mondays, and Sunrise closes every Monday. Wanted to go for brunch during weekends but the Q is always super long.

Until yesterday, my bro’s exam day and I have to become his driver, so I took leave. And yes! Finally I had the chance to eat Sunrise duck. We reached around 11.50am and the restaurant was almost ¾ full. We wanted to order 2 plates of duck rice but they don’t sell like that. So, we ordered one quarter of duck with 2 plates of rice.

The duck meat was soft and skin was ok, not that crunchy. The dipping sauce was rich though, full of herbs and quite thick. The chilli sauce was nothing to shout about. The rice was tasteless, nothing special. The soup, is the worst soup that I have ever tasted, first scoop of it, it was super sourish and salty, and it tasted full of ajinomoto, super-cannot-drink soup. Bluek!

While eating, we observed other tables and saw some interesting behavior. There was this couple, around 40 years old, quite big size. They order one big plate of duck, and we were guessing whether it is half a duck or whole duck. My bro confirmed it when he saw the lady took the third drumstick (a whole duck has 2 drumstick and 2 smaller drumstick). 2 person eating a whole duck??? That’s really terror wor. We continued to observe, and noticed that they only eat the skin and not so much of the meat. No wonder they order one whole duck. Swt. Really rich one these people.

We saw another 2 ladies ordered quarter duck as well. One lady tabao quite a lot. After finish eating the quarter duck, the lady was not enough, so she opened the tabao box and ‘steal’ a few pieces of duck out. @@.

My bro saw baby cockroach crawling up on the chair of the person seated next to us. When I wanted to see, the cockroach ran away. And you know what, it went to me!!! And I didn’t notice it. I was pumping petrol after the lunch. While waiting, I was adjusting my shorts, then I grabbed it on my shorts, accidentally. I straight away dump it on the floor. I think I was so scare and squeezed it a little bit too tight and it died. Eww….super dirty the restaurant.

I have no idea why I was craving for Sunrise duck. To my memory, the last time I ate this restaurant with my ex-colleagues (which was 3 years ago), it was really really delicious. This time, it was really disappointing. No wonder Boy boy kept on saying ‘Sunrise duck not nice one lar, Loong Foong Duck is better!’ whenever I say that I wanna eat Sunrise. Even my bro said that ss2 market duck is better.

So the conclusion is, I don’t think I will go back to Sunrise anymore. Don’t know why there is always such a long Q. Nothing spectacular what. Not mention a quarter duck is RM14.50, which is freaking expensive!
Restoran Sunrise
31, Jalan 21/12,
46300 Petaling Jaya.

Ex-colleague gathering in Kokopelli

Had a dinner date with my ex-colleagues, Nicole, Heng and Ivan in Kokopelli on Tuesday. The moment I sat down, Heng whispered to me, “How’s your breast?”. I was shocked a bit thinking that why he so pervert one [he is so gonna kill me when he reads this], then only I remember that he is a reader of my blog. He read my first blog post on ‘breast cancer’ but he didn’t read the latest post stating that I am fine.

I looked at Heng and said that he is a big fat. Then his reaction was big, saying that,"Haiya, this is muscles you know, I went to gym 4 times a week!". Then I press press his arm, ooo....really is muscle wor, tough one. This fella really determine to tone up his body before marriage. Dont pray pray.

I ordered Carbonara pasta. Before I came, I google search about Kokopelli and found out that actually lots of bloggers critic the pasta dishes. A bit skeptical but I still ordered pasta to try out. It was actually not bad wor, very creamy and lots of mushrooms as well as big pieces of ham too.

Heng ordered Fish n Chips. Curi one piece of the fries and it tasted quite nice. I am a chips-lover.
Ivan ordered pizza. I forgotten the name of this dish.

Heng gave us 'red bom', so I will be travelling to Penang to attend his wedding dinner in mid-May. Need to plan my makan-makan trip liao. I am excited.

Nicole didn’t keep her Chinese-fringe (same fringe as me) liao coz she said she looks so young and her clients wont respect her. @@. I am old and I wanna look young but this girl so young wanna look old. Mou lek. She is going to Melbourne in September loo…gonna miss her. But thinking that I will have a place to sleep when I am in Melbourne, I am happy too! [Nic, you will let me stay at your place right when I visit you????]. Never been to Melbourne before, will plan a trip there in the future. I am excited.

Ivan’s wife is expecting. Gonna give birth soon. So good.

All my Chinese ex-colleagues are married! Left me only! Sigh… feeling depressed again. Heng told me that I have to use a tactic to tackle my situation. He suggested that I am showing too much of my eagerness to get married, I should tone it down to zero and show Boy boy that ‘I am happy without getting married, and I am not rushing into marrying you, I wanna spend my life as a single to the fullest’. Then only Boy boy will ‘gan cheong’. Erm….I told Heng that my boy boy wont feel gan cheong lor, he is more than happy if I do that. Hahaha….poor me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bowling Competition

Today my company organized a bowling competition in Cineleisure. The registration starts at 11.30am. I planned to leave my house at 11am, so I woke up my bro (who suppose to go to work) and asked whether he wanna wake up or not, if not, no one will fetch him to the LRT station.

After waiting for him to bath, he asked me to teman him for lunch 1st. So we went to the newly opened kopitiam just outside our house, called Mama Kopitiam. The menu was not as wide range as the other kopitiam that my family always go near Atria. The pricing was consider cheap.

As the pricing is relatively cheap, the milo ais and neslo ais has no taste in it, tasted like water with a tint of milo like that only. It came in a big glass though. But my bro said he rather the shop serves a good milo in a small cup rather than a tasteless milo in a big glass.

Bro ordered char kuey teow seafood (RM5). It was not bad.

I ordered Little Claypot Loh Shue Fun. Once the waiter open the cover, me and my bro were shocked as the claypot was filled with soup. A normal claypot loh shue fun is dry one wor. It tasted like 'wat dan hor' but a diluted version. If the soup is coupled with hor fun then it is ok. But loh shue fun in wat dan hor soup???? a bit weird I can say. Didnt finish it.
Bro predicted that this kopitiam wont last long. I agreed.

So, I dropped my bro at LRT station then I went to cineleisure. Reached around 12.30pm and have some lunch there. We suppose to start at 2pm but the big group before us started later than scheduled and they played until 3.15pm. What a jerk! Wasting our time waiting for them.
PY and Nik. Introducing Nik, the most prettiest girl in our department. Boy boy said so too, he said the most prettiest in my company. Hahaha.

Our neighbour team: Team Projek Cuci Longkang. So hyper until they cant stand still and let me take a clearer picture. And the people went and spelled their team name wrongly as 'Projek Cucu Longkang'. Wahahhaha!

My team in white colour 'uniform' as to support our team spirit. Our team name is CSSD Angels, the only all-girls team among 18 teams.

Our neighbour team asked the 'photographer' to take a photo of them from a higher angle.

All the colorful balls.

Our score first round. The initials were so farnie: LM is me as in Loh Mun, AC is Angela Lai as in Angela Chooi, NN is Nik Naziah (the only correct initial but they spelled her full name as Nik Nariah), TY is PY as in Tai Yee. What a stupid system. Somemore the first round, our team name didnt appear on the screen. Bengang!

Second round score. Stupid fella spelled wrongly our team name. Doink!

Third round score. I hit more than 100 points! Happy happy.

Obviously our team didnt win, other groups' total was like 400, 500 and one group even hit 600! We must add oil next time! arms pain now.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lobsterman - Seapark

I have been sick for more than a week and have been eating tasteless food ie. bread for one week. 3 meals also bread bread bread. Combined together with the medicines, my tongue was numb, super insensitive for taste and my weight dropped to 43kg (that would be 3kg in a week). When I stepped into office last Wednesday, everyone was shocked coz my face was super pale, like a walking zombie.

Finally, recovering now and start cravings for food. Cravings for BBQ pork n beef. And saw people's review on Lobsterman, and suddenly I have the urge to eat lobster. Since it is located near Boy boy's house, I decided to buy him a dinner (pre-bonus dinner) in Lobsterman. Hahaha...god knows whether even I have bonus or not. Dont care la, fill up the tummy better.

Boy boy, being a Seapark boy, didnt even notice there is a restaurant called Lobsterman which has existed long time ago. When we went inside, only 2 tables were occupied. We ordered the set dinner for 2 (RM128++).

Half dozen of escargots (can choose between mussels and escargots). The escargots came without the shell. The escargots were medium-sized and a bit on the soft side, it doesn't have the springy feeling of an escargot. The garlic cheese was so-so only. The escargots came on top of a bed of mashed potato and below each escargot has a piece of button mushroom (which were quite big size). I enjoyed the mashed potato and mushroom though. Not bad la, consider above average.

Look at the amount of lobsters in the tank! Boy boy asked me how the bottom ones survive since they are being stacked below of so many losbtersm, "Wont die one ar???" he asked. Erm...i dont know the answer wor. Maybe I can ask my sis (who is studying Animal Science) how the lobster survive lor hor.

Soup of the day was chicken and corn soup. Once I took the first scoop and tasted corn, I immediately told boy boy that he wouldnt like the soup (he hates corn soup), but he finished it though. To me, it was sweet, and it was ok.

Here comes our 550g lobster. You can get a bigger gram lobster by adding some RM, do enquire. They have more than 10 ways of cooking lobster. We ordered the charboiled version. It was really good and the lobster was really fresh. This version can exactly let us taste the freshness of lobster and the meat was springy too. Except for the meat at the tip of the claw which was super salty, dont know why.

Cheese seafood spagetti (you get to choose between baked rice or spagetti). The cheese was super super thick and sticky. So geli. It was not creamy, it was super cheesy. Eat a few scoop is ok but not the whole bowl.

Boy boy peeling off the claws.

Fruits as dessert.

Boy boy so serious.

That's me, after losing 3kg (I still need to brag about it coz it is an achievement for me to loose 3kg in a week, hahahha.... by torturing myself). My face can scare off people u know.

So the set for 2 comes with all the above except for the orange juice. Dont bother ordering any juice coz it cost RM5.50 for that pathetic small glass of juice. The drinks are over-priced. Just order the 1.5L of mineral water for RM3 will do.

Another incident that caught my attention was a group of 3 aunties (age late 30s) came in with 1 baby and one kid sat at the table beside us. When the waiter took a 1.8kg lobster to show her, she raised her voice, "why so big?? I dont want so big, I want to order 2 lobster, if you give me so big, I cant finish it, go find another smaller one for me!". She with her squeky voice, and to me, she was very rude. Although the waiter is a foreigner, dont treat them like that la, cant you just say, "please get me a smaller lobster, this is too big".

After she was satisfied with her lobsters weight (which was 1.6kg and 800g lobsters), she asked about the drinks, again with her rude attitude, "where is your drinks menu? I want chinese tea, how much is the chinese tea?". She and her never ending story. I know you are very rich (which I assume so coz you order such a big lobsters that can cost more than RM350), but treat people with respect la. What an attitute!

The lady ordered Lobsterman specialty Garlic Lobster, which smell so dem nice. I wanna go back again and try it. That time, I will just order 1kg lobster to eat with boy boy. If not full then we go Tin Pan Gor Gor and eat dessert. Hahaha. The set of 2 not quite worth it la, dont try.

The Lobsterman
53, SS2/30,
47300 PJ
(Directions: located behind Sri Siam and same row as TeoChew Meng).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice - Jalan Gasing

Cravings for chicken rice one day, actually cravings for the taukeh la. We went to this famous shop again. The menu was nicely done but one thing is that they do not display the price beside each item. It is funny to me lor, how can a menu be a menu without the price? So I just blurted out, "Har?? no price one?". Then the captain said, "u tell me what u want, then I tell u the price". Farnie hor.

I ordered the roast chicken. I dont understand why Ipoh chicken rice all so oily one. The whole thing so oily. But I like. Hahaha. Like the ginger on top, like the sauce below, the chicken was nice too.

Boy boy ordered the steam version.

Meat balls, which was super big pieces and quite springy. My favourite taukeh (RM2) so huge portion. Wanted to order RM4, but stopped by Boy boy, he said that I couldnt finish RM4 portion. Indeed he was right, the RM2 portion also I cant finish (coz he didnt help me eat).

Will go back again when I am craving for chicken rice.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
107, Jalan Gasing 10/1,
46000 PJ.

Yi Hao Dim Sum - Seapark

Came back from USA and I actually wanted to eat dimsum. I remember passing by this new dim sum shop in Seapark, so I suggested boy boy to try it for lunch. It was 12pm peak hour and there was only one table occupied. Guess not many people know about this place yet.

This place has the concept of order first then only they will steam the dim sum for you. This concept is good whereby you get to eat hot dim sums but the disadvantage is that we have to go to the front desk there and choose the dim sum we want (there is no menu like Little Dim Sum Cafe in SS2 where you can sit comfortably and order through the menu).

Kai Wo Bao ('chicken nest pao'?). The bao is abit on the tough side and the chicken fillings tasted like lohmaikai. I prefer the one in Damansara near Atria there one.

Pork Ribs which was hard, cold (unfortunately they didnt keep this hot), and sticky. The egg tart was under par as well, Tong Kee egg tarts are much better.

Fu chuk was good and it is actually quite flavourful. The fish ball was ok. The prawn dumplings were quite delicious too! It really filled up with lots of prawns and the skin was not too thick.

Siu Mai, Mushroom Mai was ok only.

Erm, I dont think I will go back there again coz there is nothing special about the dim sum. The above cost us RM30, which is a bit expensive for dimsum. I would rather go eat in Key Way, which is much cheaper and nicer.

Yi Hao Dim Sum
24, Jalan 21/11B,
Seapark, PJ.
(Tiny Direction: Located at the row behind Maybank, and the row in front of the market).

Grandma's 80th Birthday

Grandma just turned 80th years old! Alth0ugh she is 80 years old, she pretty much still can cook (sometimes the food tasteless), can walk (she dont let people to hold her while walking down the stairs), can sew, can watch TV and play textris (dont pray pray). She is pretty much healthy despite diabetic.

We brought her to Jiong Moon Yan (Eric's Tsang Steamboat) since gu cheh said long time she didnt dine there. We wanted to book a room for ourselves. When I called and made reservation, the lady told me that for room booking, it has to be more RM350 of order. Then I was like WTH?? Got minimum order somemore one wor! How can 8 people possibly eat more than RM350??? Can, by ordering expensive stuffs lor. We didnt get a room obviously.

Sharkfin soup. Which was bland.

Loh Han Zhai.

Stir fried deer meat. This taste was ok but the deer meat was a bit tough and big pieces.

Yin Choy Tong. Not bad actually.

We ordered one peking duck, since I have featured the peking duck before, I didnt take the photo. The peking duck was as fantastic as usual. The other portion, we ordered the duck to be cook with Jiong Sou Mien ('longevity noodle') since it is auspicious and must-eat for birthday grandma.

Ma Latt Chicken pieces. I do hope that they can give us more chicken pieces rather than 70% of dried chilli. It was good and spicy nonetheless.

Gu Cheh bought a banana chocolate cake for grandma. Grandma was a bit blur when we set up the cake. Then when we started singing the song, she waved her hand and said 'no need la'. She was a bit embarrased. Hehe.

Family photo.

Grandma and her grand children.

Happy Birthday Grandma! Wish you are healthy and celebrate more birthdays with us ya!