Monday, March 8, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

Finished packing. One big luggage bag and I have another small luggage folded inside the big one. Just in case I buy too much things. Hehe.

Having butterflies in my stomach, first time travel so far. Luckily I am travelling with my other colleague that is a frequent traveller. So you guys, no need to worry me, she will take care of me. Haha.

Few things that I wanted to do on my free time there: Planning to go outlet malls to buy some american brand clothing. Wanna buy an iPhone too if I see one. Die die also I wanna go Hollywood to take pictures. Not to forget my clinique skin care, which is very cheap there!

My planning in the 1-day plane: Watch all the movies, play some video games, then read my novel (I just bought 20 girls by Sophie Kinsella, forgotten to borrow it from Annie), and sleep. Didnt buy a netbook for movie watching, so I cant msn with you guys when I am there. But I am still contactable with my hp.

Ok, wont be updating blog until I am back from USA next Wednesday. You guys take care. Ciao!


maro^gal said...

HEY..!!!!! dont buy IPHONE from US!!!
gosh.. msia now is cheap with the 3G package wat for you go US buy... don be silly...
i dono now US version is still locked or not... but totally not worth buying la dear.

phuiyee said...

Marogal, I already questioned her on buying iPhone coz of the locking issue. but she said someone in Malaysia can do it. Just buy it 1st, come back will look for the someone to unlock it. Hahahaha...So i think your advice is too late. She insists to buy it. Hahahaha..

siewmun said...

i didnt buy it ok... is RM1200...a bit not so cheap. Hahaha...lucky me then.

maro^gal said...

phuiyee: hahaa sometimes we cant change their mind jus let them be.. when u bang on wall they will learn from it.. ahhaaaa

mun: ok la.. guai liao.. din buy
btw.. don think u can unlock here then u buy... no point buying although bit cheap... cos apply software keep upgrading.. they tighten their software ''to make it unable to unlock'' each time.. and further no warranty here in msia for ur US set.
you wait for DIGI la.. they coming out probably next month... PREORDER urs now...!!

phuiyee said...

marogal: r u sure DIGI is going to lauch it? OMG.. i cant wait..But.......Ppl said iphone is sensitive. Once you drop it on the floor, is time to say bye bye then..

maro^gal said...

phuiyee: yes.. DIGI is launching very very soon.. the pre-order session is just closed... you have to wait for the 2nd session when it launch.

hahaa any phone drop down also the same... iphone ar.. can drop la.. but not from too high nor not too many times.... for safety get a more solid cover... it does help.. then u can drop more times before it get damage.. ahahhaaa by the way... if u own one.. you will be careful de... cheers !!
see you soon to the iPhone world !!!