Sunday, March 21, 2010

LA by Night - Part II

Hollywood Walk of Fame

This street is super duper long and both sides are covered with all celebrity stars. The driver only allowed us 40 minutes to see see look look. It was impossible for us to complete the whole stretch of walk. I think we only walked 1/10 of the street.

Kodak Theatre is located there too.

Mann's Chinese Theatre where you can see lots of celebrities' hand and shoe print on the floor.

Star Walk. I found Celine Dion, Julie Andrews, Harrison Ford, Bee Gees, Halle Belle, Ryan Seacrest and etc. stars. However, it is just too many photos to be put on the blog.

I didnt expect to see this 'celebrity' in the Walk of Fame.

Madame Tusaud.

It was just too short of the time to cover all stars on the pathway. I think they should give us 2 hours to complete the whole walk.

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