Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's good to be back!

And it is so so hot back here! The weather in USA was 17C in day time and less than 10C at night. The first night I reached there I got a sore throat and I had to take panadol for 3 days continuously (morning once and at night once) coz I cant afford to fall sick during this time. Need to use the heater during night time (switched it on for 1 hour) before I fall asleep and day time after I wake up. Beh tahan the coldness. I wore like 4 layers of clothing.

The flight was ok. 4 hours to Taiwan and 11 hrs from Taiwan to USA LAX airport. But the farnie thing was that coming back it took 14 hrs from LAX to Taiwan. Hmmm....I dont understand. What did I do in the plane? Slept all the way. I wanted to watch movies, but watch a 1/4 way through I got I slept. Hahaha. I watched New Moon a bit and watched Confession of a Shopaholic a bit. Didnt even read my book. They are showing Avatar and Sherlock Holmes in April.

I didnt get a serious jetlag, just a mild one. It was like every 3 hours during the night I woke up. It happened for the first and second night and I slept through all the way until I came back here. Back here, a bit dizzy yesterday but I slept through the whole night and woke up at 7.30am today. I am doing fine here.

Trying to regain back my energy coz I got dehydration there. My body dehydrated and my skin dehydrated too! The air was so dry there. Luckily I brought along few pieces of masks for me to put on my face. When I met boy boy last night, he said I looked very 'chan' (exhausted). Ya, I know. If it was you, you see whether u 'chan' or not la, after 18 hours in the plane.

Tell you guys one funny thing. I was attending conference in Hilton Anaheim and I went to the toilet. After peeing, I was searching for the flush, but there was none. I pressed here and there, try to twist the thing, but still no flushing. While doing that, I heard other people flushing the toilet. So I assumed it is an automatic flushing. So I stood there and waited for it flush. Nothing happened too. I saw the red lighting, used my hand and waved it front of it numerous time. Still no flushing. I gave up and stood there for like 5 minutes ok. I wanted to walk out but I think think hor, how can a civilised people like me not flushing the toilet??? So, I walked up and back from the flushing thing and finally it flushed! Yay! The next time, I came in I used a different cubicle and the thing flushing 2 times while I was peeing ok. So, my conclusion was: Not that I dont know how to use a toilet, but the first toilet sensor was not so sensitive.

Bought a lot of stuffs until my big luggage bag melahirkan (give birth) 'anak'. Actually I bought a foldable bag and put it in my big bag when I went there. While trying to pack many things (include the free gifts I got from exhibition and souvenirs and my things), I sat on top of the big bag so that I can lock it.

Ya, I am officially pokai now. Annie asked me how much is the damage. I told here that I didnt count. I dare not to count. I bought USD1400 over and I left USD200. Agak-agak (approximately) RM3500 gua, but include all the meals, taxi fare, entrance fee etc). Super broke now. Guess I have to eat bread for 3 months. When is my bonus coming out???

What did I buy for myself? Let's see the list: 2 levi's jeans (super cheap! USD32 - 40 per pair), 3 Guess tops, 2 Ninewest bags (USD15 and USD20 each), Fossil watch (USD50), a beanie (the white one you see me in the photos later), 1 Hardrock top (USD22) , Lush massage bar (USD8), Clinique skincare, and a Coach handbag (USD112). The thing that I did buy was shoes and sunglasses. The shoes there are either super duper high heels and ballerina flats which is not nice.

Must tell you guys before I forget: The Coach item in the outlet stall ranges from USD60 - USD 290. Nothing more than USD300. Plus on that day, they are having additional 20% discount on all items. So it is worth buying according to my colleagues. And I bought one too, just for sake of owning a branded bag. My first branded item! Hahaha! If you have friends going to USA, must tumpang them to buy back.

The food there are all like Chillis and TGIF food. Cheese, cheese and cheese. Meat, meat and meat. Eat for a few days still ok. But if you continue eating for a week, you will jelak. Luckily I started craving for local food for the last 2 days (got to eat nasi lemak last night). In US, dont bother ordering spicy or whatever chilly stuffs, coz it will taste sweet and nothing near the word 'spicy'. And you have to add at least 10% tips (for service) on top of your total bill.

The hotel was super lousy. They only provide you with shampoo and soup. If you want toothbrush or other amenties, you have to call them to give you. It is stated 'complementary' but of course, they are expecting you to give tips when they deliver it to you. Remember to bring shower cap too. Dont make the same mistake as I did. Besides, if you ask them to carry your luggage in or out from your room, the standard rate of tips is USD2 per bag (not per time ok). Not to mention that some towels that they provide have some stains on it. Yuck! It is not chiplak hotel ok, it is Holiday Inn.

The cafe where we had breakfast there serves some good breakfast. But the thing was, we gave tips of USD1 per person on the first day we had breakfast since we ordered around USD10 per person. So, starting from the second day onwards, the waiter there do not want to serve us already. Came and took our order and 'tak mau layan' like that already. So realistic la them.

The HBO channel there was lousy on weekday, god knows what movie they are showing. But Friday and Saturday night was good. I watched Dreamgirls and Mummy 3 there. Other days, I watch TNT channel where they show CSI Las Vegas everyday 9pm. Watch American Next Top Model too on CW.

* Edited *
Forgotten to tell you guys that I got tahan at the US custom. I passed the immigration part where the officer asked what am I doing here and how long. Then when I wanna go pass custom, the officer asked me to scan my bags (which I did not bring any agriculture products or any samples). After scanning my bags, another officer came and interviewed me. He asked which country I am from, what is my company doing, why am I here, did I bring any agriculture products, how long I will be here etc. For 10 minutes ok. I was so dem scare. At the end, he let me passed. I have no idea why they tahan me. So dem scare that he asked me go back to Malaysia. I always kena like that, last time when I went alone to Australia and visit my bro also kena tahan for 30 minutes interview. Do I look evil?

Ok ok I know it is a lot of words, I am trying to summarize what happened in USA. A sneak preview of what will be up next:

Let me tidy up my pictures first, there are too many of them!


maro^gal said...

hahaa... should ask me mar...

the weather there is dry.. not only in the plane... cos cold... i got rashes even i put lotion

ya everything they wan tips...

how big is the coach bag? quite cheap wor..

phuiyee said...

Oh kesian..YOu look chan..Pls dont come scare me tmr, ok? AHhahaha

siewmun said...

Maro: luckily i didnt got rashes. The coach bag is not the big tote one, just small handbag like that. Not the 'C' pattern but the horse car pattern.

PY: Ya, I am chan and dark now. I scared my bf and my bro.