Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fibrocystic Breast

Gone to a specialist few days ago to check on my breast. The first doctor scanned my breast and said a lot of cysts on my breast and I have a very lumpy breast. Then I asked whether is normal or not, then she said it happened to a lot of women.

She referred me to a radiologist (another lady doctor). I think this scanner is more high tech than the previous doctor. She also said a lot of cysts on my breast and I have a lot of fibrocystic tissues. But she was not convinced that the cysts are dangerous, and asked me to come for check up a year later. Currently, I am fine.

Being a Science student and not knowing what exactly 'fibrocystic' means.I googled it and wikipedia's explanation:

" Fibrocystic breast changes or fibrocystic breast disease is a condition of breast tissue affecting an estimated 30-60% of women. It is characterized by noncancerous breast lumps in the breast which can sometimes cause discomfort, often periodically related to hormonal influences from the menstrual cycle."

" The changes in fibrocystic breast disease are characterised by the appearance of fibrous tissue and a lumpy, cobblestone texture in the breasts. These lumps are smooth with defined edges, and are usually free-moving in regard to adjacent structures. The bumps can sometimes be obscured by irregularities in the breast that are associated with the condition. The lumps are most often found in the upper, outer sections of the breast (nearest to the armpit). Women with fibrocystic changes may experience a persistent or intermittent aching in their breasts related to periodic swelling. Breasts and nipples may be tender or itchy.

Symptoms follow a periodic trend tied closely to the menstrual cycle. Symptoms tend to peak immediately before each period and decrease afterwards. At peak, breasts may feel full and swollen. No complications related to breastfeeding have been found."

OK, as long as it says "NON-cancerous". I am fine. Can sleep peacefully until next year.

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