Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disneyland, California

On the last day, we went to Disneyland. It opens at 8am and we went in at 8am. Kiasu a bit la, coz we need to leave this place by 6.15pm, going to the airport at 8pm. So, we wanted to fully utilize the time in Disneyland since lots of people said that it will take at least 2 days to cover all the rides. I went to Disneyland Japan 10 years ago, and all the rides were in Japanese. So, this time finally I can understand what Mickey says. Hahaha.

Sleeping Beauty Castle. As awesome as always.

First ride we took was Alice In Wonderland since there is a movie out, and we must be 'up-to-date' a bit.

Next, we went to It's a Small World ride, which is on my must-ride list. Yes, indeed, I urge you guys not to miss this ride if you are in Disneyland. It was so fun! The songs, the decorations, the characters, the culture etc. all are so cute! Cute to the max. I really felt so happy during the whole journey.

Then, we went to Toon Town, where all the 'characters' are.

Since it was 9am only (consider early), the Q for Mickey Mouse was short (like 7-8 person in front of us). After taking photo with Mickey Mouse, we went through his house for a tour.

Minnie Mouse's Q was a bit long and we didnt bother wasting time with her.

Instead, we went for Goofy!

We wanted to play this Mountain Ride around 9am and the officer said it is not opened yet due to track problem. However, when we left Toon Town at 10am, we went back here and saw the Q was super duper long. swt! We have to forgo this.

Tarzan's Hut.

Indiana Jones Adventure ride, where we waited for 45 minutes. The people start pouring in at 10pm and it was 'people mountain people sea'. Seriously packed! All the rides have a waiting time of at least 45 minutes. So different from 8am where there was no Q for Little Small World.

Pirates Of The Carribean ride. Yo Ho Yo HO!

After that, it was 1pm and it was so hot (Second day of spring = cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon and cold again at night). We were a bit tired and decided to venture into California Park (next door beside Disneyland).

My sis will love this pic because of the horsey.

Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream.

I think a person should go Disneyland at least once in their lifetime regardless what age you are. And I think I will bring my children to Disneyland next time. Although the ticket price was a bit pricey (USD99 for 2 parks), I think it was all worth it as I managed to take photos with Mickey Mouse!

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