Saturday, March 27, 2010

California Park

After the Disneyland, we went into California Park, located just opposite [we bought park-hopped day ticket]. This park has more adventure and more challenging rides.

Paradise Pier.

Condor Flats.
A photo with Pluto.

Grizzly Bear water ride.

Redwood Creek.

Ariel's Grotto, a restaurant. When we went in and wanna have some light snacks at 3pm, they told us that they have sold out all the food. Swt lor. You are located in a theme park and you have sold out your food by noon??? what nonsense.

I miss my long front hair. Look how it flow nicely with the wind!

See the Mickey Mouse logo wheel behind me? It is known as Ferris Wheel. We waited 40 minutes to go on to the wheel, thinking that we can capture some nice photo at high level. Little did we know that this wheel is divided into 'swinging gondola' and 'non-swinging gondola' [we found out after the ride]. We went onto the swinging version and opposite us was one fat lady and one fat boy. When I say fat, I mean they were like 150kg together ok. Double our total size.

So when the gondola go up, it slipped down according to the wire and it swing! It swing lop-sided! Our side were so high up due to the unbalance of the weight of each side. And I panicked. Immediately I grabbed on to the wire at the side. I was so scared that I fall onto the fat lady. And I closed my eyes. Couldnt see a thing. Dem it. So scary. There were total of 4 swings. When I came down I kept on swearing only. Stupid wheel.

After all the heat, finally we couldnt bring ourselves to walk anymore at 4.30pm. So we sat down along the road and wait for the parade. We sat at the front line. The parade starts at 5.15pm and ends at 5.30pm. I have loads of photos of the parade but decided to post the main 'vehicles' from the movies. Some of the characters walked around and a lot of them stopped in front of me!

Toy Story.

Finding Nemo.

A Bug's Life.

My all-time Pixar favourite movie: The Incredibles.

Monster Inc.

We left at 6.15pm. Waited for the hotel shuttle. Didnt get to see the parade in Disneyland cause it will only starts at 6.30pm and we have to rush back to hotel to check out for our flight at night. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it.

Borrowed Nurul's Minnie mouse hat for a photo.

I definitely will bring my kids next time to Disneyland and I will buy them a mickey mouse hat too!


Sherry said...

oh this is fun!!

maro^gal said...

nice pix

you put on weight jor ar? hehe

siewmun said...

aiyo...u try n eat cheese n cheese n cheese everyday see fat or not? Hahaha...

maro^gal said...

hahaaa.. .cheesey munn..!!!

btw... why u off the side bar chatting box?? i wan leave msg ahh... becoz of that silly admirer stranger?

siewmun said...

the chat box I will load it back soon. No worries. u leave comments in my comments column lar..