Friday, March 5, 2010

Breast self-checking

I always think that I will not have breast lump or cancer at this young age (kononnya), so I didnt bother to do any self-checking. Until this particular day, which was like 5 months ago, I went to my usual massage lady to do massage.

Since she has extra time, she said she will massage my breast also. It was really painful, but I thought it was normal. Then she said she felt a lump on my left breast, but she wasnt sure whether it a lump or just muscle. So, she asked me to go for check up to confirm.

Being me, I was really ignorant at first. Even after seeing PY and Angela's reactions (after I told them about it), they were really serious. I still try to delay to see doctor. I was a bit malu to see a male doctor to check my breast. Erm...a bit weird la I can say.

Then I told Nicole about it. Since then, she kept pestering me already. Not to say pester la, is like once a month she asked whether I see doctor already or not lor. Boy boy also pester every week. If I dont touch my breast, it wont feel pain lor. If I touch it, it pains lor. That is showing some indication already.

Found a lady doctor near my office, brave myself to see her 2 day ago. I told her that it pain when I touch it. The doctor said I should feel lucky coz if it is cancerous, you wont feel any pain at all. Like that one ar?

So she checked checked checked, she suspected it might be a cyst. Now she said both side also got, one bigger and one smaller. =.=" But actually it tallied with the massage lady lor, she also felt that my right breast has another small lump. Sigh, make me worry more now.

Doctor will write me a referral letter to see breast specialist. Will do that after I come back from USA. Will update you all later. I am writing this post not to scare you, but to create awareness that if breast cancer is detected early, it can save yourselves. Plus, self-examination is important.

Breast is a woman's asset and we must take care of it. If not, the man will feel something is missing. [this sentence is open for debate: Will a man will still love her woman if she has lost her breast?].


jinelle said...

hmm..ya.. hv to becareful.. if is cyst, better to remove also.. cos some cyst will become "bad".

as for the debate question... i dunno whether they would still love or not.. but i think they SHOULD still love the woman if the love is real.

Siew Mun said...

I think they should too!

But I will feel insecure if I lose my breast. A woman is incomplete without her breast. That's what I think la.

Calvin said...

haha...then u mar go do plastic surgery, to make it bigger, so that people think it is "real" lor.

maro^gal said...

rmb go for the check when you come back la... guai ar..

for tat ques...
still back to the question whether he really love her or not. unless he love her breast only la..

man and woman are human being. a human without a hand/ leg/ breast still is a human... so nothing is incomplete la...

phuiyee said...

As i told you before, so what if the man does not love you after you losing a breast? No big deal. Is better to lose a man rather than you lose your own life. Dont be silly on that matter. There is no take two in your life.