Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tiny Thoughts # 17

Since I am so bored, I will write something that prompted me to write tiny thoughts 2 days ago.

I went for a small secondary school friends gathering in Tasty Pot last Friday night. It is a steamboat buffet restaurant in Sunway Mentari. Being a small eater (to some of my friends, they think I am a big eater.... erm.... I will say sometimes I am a big eater, sometimes I am a small eater, depends on my mood), eating buffet is always not a good option for me. Nevertheless, I will still attend a buffet session if there is any.

I took all the fish balls, mushroom and some vege. It is really not worth for me since I dont take the fish and seafood.

Chean: You dont eat fish?
Me: Nope. a bit choosy with fish.
Chean: you dont eat la la?
Me: Eat, but not steamboat style, I only eat kam heong la la or siong tong la la.
Chean: you dont eat bamboo clams?
Me: nope, it is very digusting. (Then, she did all sort of disgusting things with the bamboo clam).
Chean: You dont eat prawns?
Me: I like to eat prawns but lazy to peel.

Then Chean immediately took a prawn and peeled for me. I was shocked but at the same time, I felt so touched by her move. You know, is hard to find someone that peel the prawn shell for you. Although it is just a simple gesture, a person who has a buddy who peel shell for her should feel lucky.

My boy boy peels shell for me too but depends on his mood. Sometimes he peels but sometimes he complained that the GF should peel shell for BF. But hor, PY said that her BF always peel shell for her without any complains. Aw....what a lucky GF!

Now, talk back about Chean. This buddy of mine (Chean aka Marogal) has a very good nature. I have know her since we were in Form 2. Although there were some hiccups during uni time that we didnt communicate with each other for 3 years, we were re-connected back with each other during the 3rd year of uni. I was so glad to have her back as my buddy.

This post is dedicated to you, Chean. Dont ask me why I write such yuk mah things, but I think you deserve all the credits. By just peeling a prawn shell for me (actually she peeled two prawns for me), I couldnt stop myself from thinking back what we have been through during school days, how protective you were to me, how best a friend can be and how lucky I have you as my buddy.

Best friends forever!


maro^gal said...

haha i was actually surprised to see this post..
yea the good old days...
thanks for the compliment !

(i dono how to write in words) =]
afterall 在心中 *hugs*

**btw i am also a small eater la !! hehee

siewmun said...

my boy boy jealous liao wor...he said y i didnt dedicate a post to him wor...

And he still insists that the gf shud peel shell for the bf. Hahaha.

jinelle said...

hehehe.. so touching..
chean...i peeled prawns for u oso wor.. r u touched??? haha.. just joking la...
hmm.. as for gf peel prawns for bf or bf peel for gf.. i think should b both ways la.. like tat sometimes i will peel for my hubby n sometimes he will peel for me... depends on occasion (although i always volunteer to peel more often) :p

maro^gal said...

jing !!!! hahaaa you make me really think wat to answer u tim...

i think is depends on individual la.. each person have something they will get ''touched'' on..

so hor until one day i found something being touched by you only i tell u la... heehheheee (very notti me)

and hor about the peel prawn.. i think is not whose (bf/ gf) responsibility to peel or not to. Is more that how much u love this person. you will tend to do anything as long as he/she will be happy...

my 2 cents heheeeee

jinelle said...

wat 2 cents?

maro^gal said...

jing: 2 cents means hmmmm my little opinion hahaa

siew mun said...

Me n boy boy has come to a conclusion: If I follow him to attend his frens' gathering, then I will peel for him and vice versa. Hahaha...

maro^gal said...

SWT !!!!!!!!
not only becoz of ur conclusion.. but actually i went to ''interview'' a few guys at my office on this topic.. they gave me those 大男人 answer also.. but i dono whether they are joking or need face coz afterall i have no chance to ask their gf hahahaa

so my conclusion is.... OMG... SWT.. and speechless !!!!

(maybe you will be more 安慰 now)