Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tiger Woohoo

Went and watch Tiger Woohoo yesterday since Angela and PY said it was farnie and strongly recommend me to go and watch it. I was really skeptical of local productions coz they overacting (but I supported Sepet ok, I think it was really good). They told me that we, as a Malaysian has to support local production. But I still dont feel like watching it.

Until they told me on Monday that Woohoo's last day in cinema was yesterday, I went and watch it. GSC was fully booked coz it was a small cinema, so I bought the tickets in 1U.

We had our dinner (popcorn) in cinema coz the jam was freaking crazy at 8pm yesterday. We left boy boy's house at 7.45pm and reached 1U at 8.45pm. Super chi sin lor.

This movie was indeed a family movie. The people in the cinema ranges from young (5 yrs old to ah mah level). The whole movie watching was noisy coz these unconsiderate people kept on talking non-stop. It was not like one couple or family who talked, it was like 50% of the people was talking during the movie. =.=" I know it is a family movie but this is a cinema and not your home ok. Doink!

The movie was not super hilarious la, it was so-so with some farnie scenes. What I like about this movie? I kept on watching Lam Tak Weng who acts as Ah Beng. His response was really farnie. The 'na pet' Royce really super 'na pet'. The four little girls are cute and funny as well. The mahjong scene was excellent lor when the fat boy drop the 'fatt' out.

I dont like Ngan Mei Yan and the person acting her mum (ie. the super showy neighbour), both of them over-acting. I hated Chiok Wai Kan too because once she opens her mouth, her voice was piercing through my eyes. Dont like Ah Xian also.

Other than that, the movie was entertaining la. At least my boy boy laughed at a few scenes. Now, I think people who watched this movie will scold people with 'jeng fan si' instead of 'stupid'.

p/s: Woohoo to myself too coz I got approval for my US Visa. Hahaha. The interview session was less than 5 minutes.

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