Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ya ya, I know I have been MIA for quite some time. PY told me 2 days ago, "Let me remind you that you have not been updating blog for very long already". One of the reason being I have nothing to blog about, didnt eat anything spectacular, no one pisses me off etc. and my PC kena super many viruses and become super slow, and I have to use my dad's laptop to surf net... Another reason being I was too addicted to FB Cafe World... every night I am playing CW without fail.

But let me tell you now that I have stopped playing the games in FB coz I started to get bored with it. So, at the time being, I am very free now. Free from FB means that I am free for shopping! I have been shopping none stop since a month ago. Actually I bought all my CNY clothing a month ago. The shopping in this month mostly teman other people to do their CNY shopping only.

Twice to Sungai Wang with PY, Angela and MG. I didnt buy anything there. At least twice to One Utama with my bro. I think the most being my brother lor. But until now also he didnt buy any new shirts for CNY. He bought pants.

So, today I ajak my family (I am free coz boy boy went to JB to attend company dinner, I bet he must be drunk by now @ 12am) to Mid Valley to do last minute shopping. My mum and sis bought all their CNY clothing. Is just that need to buy a few more things for my sis coz she is going to Aust. next week.

We reached Mid-Valley at 10am, looking for a place to have breakfast. The Nyonya colors, kopitiam etc at the Gardens lower ground was full house and long Q. We dont wanna waste time on this and so happen that we saw a sign 'Pappa Rich opens at 3rd floor'. So we went up to look for this kopitiam. It was very empty when we entered and became full house 15 minutes later.

The menu was totally different from what I tried in Pappa Rich Cheras (near MG house). The menu was really extensive and a bit higher class lor. The downside was many of the toast bread variety and some dishes was not available.

My sis ordered some paos.
Fish and Chips. My bro said it should be called like that, it should be 'Fish n Chips n Rice'.

Fried Kuey Teow. Suits my bro coz it was not spicy. It was a bit bland afterall.

Curry Chicken with steam bread. I saw the menu show drumstick but it came chicken breast. My dad asked me to change to drumstick but I didnt. So the chicken meat was really tough lor. The curry was nice, not too spicy. I asked for more curry and they gave another small bowl.
Milo and another drink that I dont know the name. My sis said it was Soya Cincau. But my bro said it should be 'michael jackson plus incredible hulk'. Dont know why my bro so sarcastic today.

After the meal, we started our shopping. Actually I am shopping for boy boy coz he dont have any CNY clothes yet and he has no time to buy already. So I shop on behalf of him. Luckily I managed to buy him 2 t-shirts and 1 shirt.

After 3 hours shopping, we were already holding quite a number of bags you know. I was so tired. My mum and bro stood at the middle court there listening to Lilian Too talked about Feng Shui. She said Monkey and Sheep are very bad this year. But never talk about Dog.

Half way listening, I ajak my dad and my sis to sit in a kopitiam to wait for my bro and my mum. So we went to Little Taiwan to have some snacks. It was 3pm at that time.
Tempura Taiwanese style.
Wo Tip.
Beef Noodle.

After the meal, we continued our shopping. Need to shop for new bed sheet for the new year. And finally I bought something --> a set of bed sheet. Hahaha. Wanted to buy shoes but couldnt find any. Wanted to buy bra but all the bras were expensive. Wanted to buy more clothes for boy boy but scare not ngam his taste.

All of us ended up super exhausted. We never shop for 6 1/2 hours before. And ended up with so many bags (my sis bought quite a number of items and my mum bought Crocs, my dad bought a Nadal-similar pants, my bro bought a long pants and many pairs of socks). I think we have spent RM1k in one day.

Reached home at 5pm and I slept until 8pm. Hahaha.... really tired la. Then we went to Dae Jang Gum for dinner at 9pm. Satisfying meal indeed. Now, need to teman my sis to eat whatever she is craving before she leaves to Australia.

Ok, tomorrow need to do some spring cleaning of my room. Need to clear of something to get back some good energy. According to my mum (of coz she based on Lilian Too's book), the 'Quarelsome star' is sitting in my room this year, so I have to be careful to avoid any fight and dont argue with people this year. Now, you will see me lay low and keep my mouth shut after CNY.

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