Monday, February 22, 2010

Oriental Cravings - One Utama

Woohoo! I am still on leave today, going to 'hoi gong' (start work) on this Wednesday. So I have ample of time to update my blog. If not, 'someone' will say I didnt update. Hahahha..... Later my bro and I going to Mid Valley to do some shopping. He insists of wearing a new shirt on the first day he starts work as 'hou yee tao' (good indication).

Last Friday, we had a movie date initiated by Nikky to watch Little Big Soldier [some said nice but some said not nice. To me and boy boy and Nikky, it was funny. The movie was quite out of my expectation actually coz I didnt have high hopes on it. And the jokes and action was funny lor].

Before the movie, my bro, boy boy and me went and ate Oriental Cravings. My bro wanted to try their specialty: mantao dip with special sauce, which they only offer it during weekends [it was Friday that day]. The below conversation was between my bro and the captain:

Captain: First time come here?
Bro: No la, second time already. The first time we came the food was not nice lor.
Captain: What you order?
Bro: Neh, the Huang Ti Mien (Emperor's Mee) lor.
Captain: Aiya, that one not nice one la, no taste one, it is for people who likes to eat bland things.

Three of us immediately SWT! Captain herself said her restaurant's food not good wor. Hahaha. Very honest lor she. We really appreciate her feedback and her friendly approach. This lady really has good service.

While struggling what to eat, the captain recommended us this special dish which was not stated in the menu called "Jue Long Yap Sui" (translate into 'water go into a pig cage'), enough for 2 - 3 pax. My bro even followed the captain to look at other table who order this dish to get a glimpse on what it looks like.

Hailam Coffee (RM5.50) and Sea Coconut with Longan (RM4.50). I actually quite like the Hailam coffee, which tasted like 'ying yong' (coffee and teh mixed), but it was on the sweeter side and less bitter, that's why I like it. Sea coconut was lousy, dont order.

Ta da! Jue Long Yap Sui! Served in a hot pot, there was fire below the pot to keep it hot. There were plenty of ingredients in it: Tau fu pok, pork slices, meat balls, special homemade pork dumplings, tau fu, prawns and lots of cabbage.

All the ingredients came in 5 pieces except the prawns (3 pieces). It was enough for 3 pax. The soup was really tasty and refreshing. This dish really is a home-created dish, which is really special that you couldnt find else where. We finished till the last drop of the soup. Although it was priced at RM48.90, but it was totally worth the price.

While half through eating, another group of aunties came in, and one of the aunty kept on pointing at our table, "neh, that's the claypot that I recommended la, very tasty one". She stared at our table for few minutes you know, make it so obvious that she was talking about the hot pot, while we were so embarrasing trying to enjoy our food. At least my bro glimpsed one second at other table's hot pot, not like this aunty stood there and kept on pointing. So malu.

Oriental Cravings
G359, Phase 2, One Utama
Tel: 7727 2561

p/s: ask me for the captain's name if you really want to try there so that she can make honest recommendation. Coz she said the next time we go, we must find her to do the ordering.

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