Friday, February 19, 2010

One Chef - Jaya One

The last time I went to try One Chef, I forgotten to bring along my camera. The food was not bad. So this time, I recommended them to try out this restaurant. One Chef serves Chinese Food in Taiwanese style. Dont get what I mean? Let's see....

Each set comes with a main dish and 3 small portion of side dishes, a bowl of rice and a soup (similar to Taiwanese style). Boy boy loves their soup the last time we came coz it tasted like home cook soup that does not have ajinomoto. But this time they serves corn soup, which was not boy boy's preference coz he dont like to drink corn soup. To me, it was nice.

Sweet and Sour Pork set (RM14.80). The pork was not crunchy and the sauce was not that good either.

Seafood Curry Mee (RM9.88). No good.

Golden Sunrise Spare Ribs Set (RM13.88). Now, this is good. The pork rib was big and the sauce was really good. Sweet and tasty.

Intense Pork Curry set (RM11.88). Nikky feels that the kuah was not thick enough.

Exotic Thai Curry Chicken (RM11.88). Everyone said this dish was tasty.

Wont go back in the near future coz dont know what to try already.

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