Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kokopelli Travellers Bistro - Section 11

One day, one the way back to boy boy's house, we passed by this bungalow and it was bright and full of people. Then we thought it might be a party there. But the environment was weird enough for a party coz there are small individual tables outside and people was sitting there and dining. Couldnt see the name of the restaurant (if it is a real restaurant) coz it was dark at night.

During day time, we passed by and we purposely slow down and I saw 'Kokopelli' word on their glass door. Curious enough (coz the restaurant was full house) I went back and google-searched the restaurant name. Indeed, a few famous floggers have blogged about this restaurant before and there are lots of praises for this restaurant.

Thought of waiting for Nikky to ajak makan dinner during weekend then I can suggest this place. Everytime he asked us to recommend and decide on the dinning place. So everytime I headache thinking of a new place to try out. But I cannot wait for him liao, so I went with boy boy on last Sunday night.

Dont expect impressive menu with nice pictures and backgrounds, Kokopelli's menu was made of A4 size paper and clipped with a clip. Never mind on menu, what does matter is the food right?

Cream of Mushroom soup (RM10.90). It was served with normal bread (not garlic bread). Although the soup was rich in flavour, I think the price is on the high side.

We ordered polio pizza (RM16.90), some sort like hawaiian chicken. The chicken they used was breast meat, which was tough and they cut into such big pieces that make difficult to eat. The base was not thin and not thick (not Italian style and not pizza-hut style), so I dont quite like it.

At this point of time, I was thinking whether this restaurant is really as good as what the bloggers described or not. I was at the verge of disappointment already. Then this dish came .... Moussaka (RM20.90). It was made of aubergines, mash potato, onions and lamb. The moment I took the first bite, it was perfect! The taste of the lamb was perfect, the aubergine was perfect combination. Dem shiok lor this dish. Boy boy agreed with me too!

Luckily I didnt ended up disappointed with this restaurant. I will still go back and try their Char Kuey Teow, which is well-known among the bloggers. But I am not a CKT fans, I dont know how to judge, any CKT fans wanna ajak me go? I will still order the moussaka, coz it is just too good to be missed.

6, Jalan Bukit,
Section 11/2, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 7505
(A bungalow opposite Three 2 Square)

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