Friday, February 19, 2010

Hau Kee Seafood - Taman Cheras

Nikky saw this restaurant review on TV and he ajak us to go ho chiak. Luckily he called and checked whether the restaurant is open and he managed to make reservation. If not, do expect long Q as inside and outside of the restaurant was full of people. They even have 3 big tents on the road to cater for more than 15 tables.

It was a working day that day, but the traffic was really smooth at 6.30pm but it was dem jam at cheras area, the small roads, not the big road. This restaurant was located quite deep inside from the main road, and parking was really difficult.

When we wanna order, the lady captain told us that the food will be served minimum 30 minutes and maximum 45min waiting time. True enough, it was served exactly on the 30min interval. The lady captain kept on recommending expensive dishes and fishes. Ended up we ordered quite a lot as well lor... enough to cater for 10 person (we only 7 person that day).

Chicken. Dont know what was the exact name, coz the captain made recommendation then we said ok. It somehow tasted like herbal chicken. The meat was quite tough coz it was a kampung chicken.

Loh Han Zhai (vege). Huge portion!

Fried pork intestine. The must-order dish for every visit. Although it was on the spicy side, but it tasted really good. I wish the intestines could be a little bit softer though coz it was tough (I compared it to Seng Kee in Petaling Street as I just went there a week ago to try this dish). This dish was finished by us within 15 minutes. It was 'this' good! [to PY and Angela, you must go and try this].

Nyonya Steam Fish. So-so only.

Pork Knuckles. Another signature dish for this restaurant. The skin was really crispy and the chilli dipping was really good too!

Lap Mei Fan. Super oily and salty. Very geli to me la this dish. Do not order this if you cannot eat lap mei. We tabao the leftover back, and I think it is still in my fridge.

We tried our best to finish the food but it was really a lot lor. Super over order this time. Hahaha. Never mind la, once in year to stuff yourselves with food. The total bill was around RM300. The restaurant didnt break down the price for each dish, so I dont know exactly the price.

Restaurant Hau Kee Seafood
12, Jalan Kaskas 2,
Taman Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 91300113

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