Monday, February 22, 2010

Garden Life Style Store & Cafe - The Curve

Nikky renewed his Fitness First membership and they are allowed to bring a friend on weekends for free. So, this boy boy who is planning to go gym to build up his 'six-pack' muscle followed Nikky yesterday morning. Me and my bro just tumpang his car to go shopping in The Curve.

After gym-ing for one hour, this two fellas said that they are superly hungry. So we went to this Garden cafe to try out. My bro said it was not bad when he and my family tried there last time. Even it is air-conditioned area, it was still a bit hot coz there were no doors to separate the 'outdoor' and indoor.

Apple Juice - Jug (RM22.90). The most wise decision for drinks coz each drink costs more than RM10 per glass. The jug of apple juice was acceptable, at least it was not diluted like you are drinking sky juice like that. A jug is enough for 5 - 6 glasses.

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM9.90). The super hungry Nikky ordered mushroom soup. It came in a big bowl and big portion, but no mushroom one. Nikky was disappointed.

Fish & Chips (RM17.90). After finishing his bowl of mushroom soup, actually he was quite full, then he has to finish his F&C. It was so-so only.

Fried Mee Siam (RM11.90). Boy boy ordered this, and it was ok lar. My bro said that the One U branch served super spicy mee siam but this branch has more tomato taste than spicy.

Tuna Baguette (RM13.90). This tuna baguette was big portion and the bread was overloaded with tuna. Despite the big portion, my mum served better tuna than this.

Shish Kebab (RM19.90). I planned to order potato wedges only since I had breakfast an hour ago, but the super-hungry boy boy said that he will help me finish my portion too if I cant finish the main dish. So I switched to Shish Kebab. The marinated lamb and its sauce was quite good. I didnt expect that actually.

Same style as Full house. Flavour-wise, I would prefer Full House but portion wise, I would prefer Garden. Location-wise, I prefer Garden. After eating at Full House, the guys do not even feel full le. Garden offers more variety and options. Will consider going back to try other stuffs.

There was this incident where the young lady boss came with a black face (muka bengang) and scolded all the workers. She walked to the cashier counter there and scold, walked into the kitchen and scold. So scary. She shouldnt have scolded the staffs openly lor I think. Dont know lar, every boss has their own way of handling their staffs.

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe
G41, The Curve,
6, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara

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