Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY in Melaka

I was born and raised in PJ and I always celebrate CNY in PJ. Never experience the festive seasons in 'kampung' before. So this year, I decided to follow boy boy back to Melaka to see how people-who-have-a-kampung celebrate CNY. We went back on the second day of CNY and it was jam at Negeri Sembilan. Took us 3 hours to reach instead of normal 2 hours.

When we reached there, I experienced a bit of culture shock. The house was packed with boy boy's relatives. When I mean packed, it was really packed. There were like 40 over people in a house. Maybe you think that I am exaggerating, but as a city girl, my grandma's house only filled with 20 people on 2nd day of CNY. Not surprising for boy boy, coz his mother has 12 siblings and some was not back on that day. If all come back hor, I think we have to sit at the garden liao.

Once I got down from the car, average like every 2 steps I took, I have to shake hand with his aunties, uncles and cousins to wish them Happy New Year. Ooo...that was new to me coz I greeted my relatives without any hand shake. Now I think back, it was a bit rude right for not shaking hand with my relatives. But, I was not trained to do that since young lei.

I got 17 ang pows from this particular house in 1 hour. So dem geng wei. This house contributed half of my total angpows le. Next year I wanna go again, can ar? (Provided I am not married). Hahaha.

While we were gambling, boy boy's aunty bought the Melaka famous coconut shake. I heard from them that it was really nice and the Q was really really long. The drink was coconut shake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was nice but not superbly tasty la. I dont know the shop name, but when we were heading to our hotel, we passed by this stall along the road, and indeed the Q was so long.

At night, we wanted to try Simply Fish, but we couldnt find it [actually the GPS showed us the wrong road, it was a road next to the one the GPS showed]. So, with the GPS again, we went to search for Coconut House (which serve Italian food). Little did I know that it was situated near Jonker Street, which means massive jam while on the way there and on the way out.

We found it but it was closed. So we car ride along Jonker Street. It was packed with people and most of the shops having long Q. We found several parking spaces but decided not to dine in JS. So, we went back to Melaka Raya to hunt for some food. Once we turned out of Dataran Pahlawan, we were on Jalan Melaka Raya 1, and we saw Simply Fish!

We ordered Ocean Supreme (RM22.90). We ordered the small portion coz we wanted to save our stomach for satay celup. The fish was really good and fresh and I do wished that they give more garlic sauce on top of it. Other prawns and squid was so-so only. If I were to compare it to Manhattan Fish Market, I would always stick with MFM anytime.

Sweet Onion Rings (RM5.50). True to its title, the onion was sweet and quite big. The batter was a bit hard.
After that, we met up with Nikky and his two sisters, and Nikky brought us to Ban Lee Siang instead of Capitol (which we had last time). It was 10pm that time, and the restaurant was packed (as usual). It was a two-shop-house restaurant and we waited for 5 minutes, a staff asked whether do we mind sitting behind the restaurant, we said ok.

So, we passed by the toilet, and the kitchen and surprisingly, there were another 8 tables at the back of the restaurant! It was stuffy and hot la of course. But we were seated near the side, so once in a while, the cool chilling wind will blow towards our table.

Now, I need to compare BLS with Capitol. Capitol changes the satay sauce once the table changes patron, which is good due to hygienic reason. BLS uses back the same satay sauce and we might be eating other people's saliva; Capitol only has one shop lot space and limited tables, expect waiting time to be at least 45min to 1 hour. BLS has wider space and more tables, waiting time is lesser. Satay sauce wise, Capitol was thicker while BLS was on the diluted side, but it was acceptable.

Due to CNY, they increased the price of 10 cent each stick. But still it was rather cheap to me (as a city girl) lor, 60 or 70 cent per stick, dem cheap wei. PJ here selling at least RM1 per stick. Nikky and boy boy ate so much, and it was only RM34 for the bill plus 4 can drinks.

If you ask me which satay celup I prefer, I will go back to BLS because of the waiting time is shorter and the satay sauce was acceptable.

Restoran Ban Lee Siang
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,

After that, we rested at Nikky's uncle house for a while before we ventured into another late supper at 12am. Roti John from Restoran Barket Roti John. No surpise to me as the restaurant was packed as usual. The service was really bad coz the staffs (which are all family members of the owner) ignored our waving hands for numerous time. Nikky has to go to the counter and asked the staff to take our order.

Expect long waiting time and rude services. We ordered Roti John first and before we wanted to order other stuffs (still thinking whether wanna order or not), the staff who was writing down the order walked away. After that, they put a plate of mee goreng on our table and before we can open our mouth and said we did not order that, he walked away. Waved few times and didnt layan us, Nikky has to take back the mee to the counter. swt.

Despite the bad service, you cant find any other place that serve genuine roti john as this one (PJ version all tipu people one). It was served in a big long loaf, embedded with sardine, onions, egg and served with chilli dipping sauce. It tasted really good when it was eaten hot, fresh from the stove. Me and boy boy finish a loaf (RM3.50) ourselves even though we were stuffed to death.

This restaurant is an open air stall situated along Tanjung Kling, near Makam Hang Tuah and Melaka Club. Definately must try for those who havent try it before. Now I wanted to eat Roti John again.

The next morning, we went to Odeon Western Food Restaurant since it was strongly recommended by Nikky (not to mention that it was owned by his uncle). It serves cheap western food. I ordered beef noodles (their signature dish for the beef noodles lovers) and boy boy took lamp chop.

Now, let me tell you the mistake that I have made so that you guys wont repeat the same mistake again. I only remember Nikky said the beef noodle was good and I forgotten that he said the sauce is in black color. When the waiter asked me whether I want a soup version or a dry version, I ordered the soup coz to me beef noodle always come with soup. After I ate that, it was bland and rather disappointing lor, not like what Nikky mentioned until so delicious like that.

When I met Nikky later that day, he told me that he didnt know there was two versions. The last time he ate was only one version. The delicious one was the dry version. Swt! Nikky's dad asked us to go back there and eat again before we head back to PJ because we will regret if we didnt try the beef noodle and fish & chips. Nope, we didnt go back there la of coz, it would be another 30 min drive back there. Will try again next time.

Odeon Western Food Restaurant
659 & 660,
Taman Melaka Raya.

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