Thursday, February 11, 2010

almost bald one patch!

As usual, I was blow drying my hair just now. Suddenly I heard some weird sound from the hair dryer, it was like 'clag clag clag' in a super fast speed. So I moved my hair dryer away and couldnt move further. Coz few strands of my hair was stucked at the back of the hair dryer.

Then I was like, "kim, bring me a scissors! my hair got stucked!"

My dad's response, "aiya, just pull it out from your head la".

Then I forcefully pulled out few strands of my hair.

My sis was laughing non stop. My dad still wanna 'chai dor leong kiok' (ejek) saying, "first time I see people hair got stuck in the hair dryer. Luckily u notice, if not your hair will be burned'. My sis laughed even louder.

Aiks, you think I purposely one meh, you know what is accident or not lei??? I also dont want to celebrate my new year with one small bald patch on my head.

My hair scalp still paining u know.

Aiya, forgotten to take picture let you guys see how it got stuck tiem....

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