Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tiny Thoughts # 17

Since I am so bored, I will write something that prompted me to write tiny thoughts 2 days ago.

I went for a small secondary school friends gathering in Tasty Pot last Friday night. It is a steamboat buffet restaurant in Sunway Mentari. Being a small eater (to some of my friends, they think I am a big eater.... erm.... I will say sometimes I am a big eater, sometimes I am a small eater, depends on my mood), eating buffet is always not a good option for me. Nevertheless, I will still attend a buffet session if there is any.

I took all the fish balls, mushroom and some vege. It is really not worth for me since I dont take the fish and seafood.

Chean: You dont eat fish?
Me: Nope. a bit choosy with fish.
Chean: you dont eat la la?
Me: Eat, but not steamboat style, I only eat kam heong la la or siong tong la la.
Chean: you dont eat bamboo clams?
Me: nope, it is very digusting. (Then, she did all sort of disgusting things with the bamboo clam).
Chean: You dont eat prawns?
Me: I like to eat prawns but lazy to peel.

Then Chean immediately took a prawn and peeled for me. I was shocked but at the same time, I felt so touched by her move. You know, is hard to find someone that peel the prawn shell for you. Although it is just a simple gesture, a person who has a buddy who peel shell for her should feel lucky.

My boy boy peels shell for me too but depends on his mood. Sometimes he peels but sometimes he complained that the GF should peel shell for BF. But hor, PY said that her BF always peel shell for her without any complains. Aw....what a lucky GF!

Now, talk back about Chean. This buddy of mine (Chean aka Marogal) has a very good nature. I have know her since we were in Form 2. Although there were some hiccups during uni time that we didnt communicate with each other for 3 years, we were re-connected back with each other during the 3rd year of uni. I was so glad to have her back as my buddy.

This post is dedicated to you, Chean. Dont ask me why I write such yuk mah things, but I think you deserve all the credits. By just peeling a prawn shell for me (actually she peeled two prawns for me), I couldnt stop myself from thinking back what we have been through during school days, how protective you were to me, how best a friend can be and how lucky I have you as my buddy.

Best friends forever!

Han Chon - Sri Hartamas

My bro has been recommending this Korean restaurant since he first discovered it a year ago. He kept on mentioning how good the fried chicken is and you wont feel geli after eating so many rounds.

Finally, we had a chance to try out there. The restaurant was quite small and not a lot of people. We let my bro to do the ordering.

Kimchi Fried Rice (RM10). It has a slight kimchi taste and the rice was on the hard side. I said it was not nice and my bro said it was slightly out of their normal standard.

We ordered special chicken combo set (RM35) mixed (= spicy + original). It came in 2 baskets and each basket contained 2 drumstick and 2 chicken wing. This was the spicy version.

This was the original version.

True to its expectation, the chicken was not oily at all and it was really tasty. I prefer the original version. For spicy lover, you should try out the spicy version. The only flaw of the restaurant is that the menu was not extensive enough. But who cares? since you are labelling yourselves as 'Korean Premium Fried Chicken'. Fried chicken is all that matters.

Han Chon
30, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8.
Tel: 6201 1876
(Tiny direction: Exit Mont Kiara from Phileo Damansara, go straight and exit Sri Hartamas. Turn right at first traffic light and turn right at second traffic light. Then take the second left road).

Monday, February 22, 2010

Garden Life Style Store & Cafe - The Curve

Nikky renewed his Fitness First membership and they are allowed to bring a friend on weekends for free. So, this boy boy who is planning to go gym to build up his 'six-pack' muscle followed Nikky yesterday morning. Me and my bro just tumpang his car to go shopping in The Curve.

After gym-ing for one hour, this two fellas said that they are superly hungry. So we went to this Garden cafe to try out. My bro said it was not bad when he and my family tried there last time. Even it is air-conditioned area, it was still a bit hot coz there were no doors to separate the 'outdoor' and indoor.

Apple Juice - Jug (RM22.90). The most wise decision for drinks coz each drink costs more than RM10 per glass. The jug of apple juice was acceptable, at least it was not diluted like you are drinking sky juice like that. A jug is enough for 5 - 6 glasses.

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM9.90). The super hungry Nikky ordered mushroom soup. It came in a big bowl and big portion, but no mushroom one. Nikky was disappointed.

Fish & Chips (RM17.90). After finishing his bowl of mushroom soup, actually he was quite full, then he has to finish his F&C. It was so-so only.

Fried Mee Siam (RM11.90). Boy boy ordered this, and it was ok lar. My bro said that the One U branch served super spicy mee siam but this branch has more tomato taste than spicy.

Tuna Baguette (RM13.90). This tuna baguette was big portion and the bread was overloaded with tuna. Despite the big portion, my mum served better tuna than this.

Shish Kebab (RM19.90). I planned to order potato wedges only since I had breakfast an hour ago, but the super-hungry boy boy said that he will help me finish my portion too if I cant finish the main dish. So I switched to Shish Kebab. The marinated lamb and its sauce was quite good. I didnt expect that actually.

Same style as Full house. Flavour-wise, I would prefer Full House but portion wise, I would prefer Garden. Location-wise, I prefer Garden. After eating at Full House, the guys do not even feel full le. Garden offers more variety and options. Will consider going back to try other stuffs.

There was this incident where the young lady boss came with a black face (muka bengang) and scolded all the workers. She walked to the cashier counter there and scold, walked into the kitchen and scold. So scary. She shouldnt have scolded the staffs openly lor I think. Dont know lar, every boss has their own way of handling their staffs.

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe
G41, The Curve,
6, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara

Oriental Cravings - One Utama

Woohoo! I am still on leave today, going to 'hoi gong' (start work) on this Wednesday. So I have ample of time to update my blog. If not, 'someone' will say I didnt update. Hahahha..... Later my bro and I going to Mid Valley to do some shopping. He insists of wearing a new shirt on the first day he starts work as 'hou yee tao' (good indication).

Last Friday, we had a movie date initiated by Nikky to watch Little Big Soldier [some said nice but some said not nice. To me and boy boy and Nikky, it was funny. The movie was quite out of my expectation actually coz I didnt have high hopes on it. And the jokes and action was funny lor].

Before the movie, my bro, boy boy and me went and ate Oriental Cravings. My bro wanted to try their specialty: mantao dip with special sauce, which they only offer it during weekends [it was Friday that day]. The below conversation was between my bro and the captain:

Captain: First time come here?
Bro: No la, second time already. The first time we came the food was not nice lor.
Captain: What you order?
Bro: Neh, the Huang Ti Mien (Emperor's Mee) lor.
Captain: Aiya, that one not nice one la, no taste one, it is for people who likes to eat bland things.

Three of us immediately SWT! Captain herself said her restaurant's food not good wor. Hahaha. Very honest lor she. We really appreciate her feedback and her friendly approach. This lady really has good service.

While struggling what to eat, the captain recommended us this special dish which was not stated in the menu called "Jue Long Yap Sui" (translate into 'water go into a pig cage'), enough for 2 - 3 pax. My bro even followed the captain to look at other table who order this dish to get a glimpse on what it looks like.

Hailam Coffee (RM5.50) and Sea Coconut with Longan (RM4.50). I actually quite like the Hailam coffee, which tasted like 'ying yong' (coffee and teh mixed), but it was on the sweeter side and less bitter, that's why I like it. Sea coconut was lousy, dont order.

Ta da! Jue Long Yap Sui! Served in a hot pot, there was fire below the pot to keep it hot. There were plenty of ingredients in it: Tau fu pok, pork slices, meat balls, special homemade pork dumplings, tau fu, prawns and lots of cabbage.

All the ingredients came in 5 pieces except the prawns (3 pieces). It was enough for 3 pax. The soup was really tasty and refreshing. This dish really is a home-created dish, which is really special that you couldnt find else where. We finished till the last drop of the soup. Although it was priced at RM48.90, but it was totally worth the price.

While half through eating, another group of aunties came in, and one of the aunty kept on pointing at our table, "neh, that's the claypot that I recommended la, very tasty one". She stared at our table for few minutes you know, make it so obvious that she was talking about the hot pot, while we were so embarrasing trying to enjoy our food. At least my bro glimpsed one second at other table's hot pot, not like this aunty stood there and kept on pointing. So malu.

Oriental Cravings
G359, Phase 2, One Utama
Tel: 7727 2561

p/s: ask me for the captain's name if you really want to try there so that she can make honest recommendation. Coz she said the next time we go, we must find her to do the ordering.

Friday, February 19, 2010

One Chef - Jaya One

The last time I went to try One Chef, I forgotten to bring along my camera. The food was not bad. So this time, I recommended them to try out this restaurant. One Chef serves Chinese Food in Taiwanese style. Dont get what I mean? Let's see....

Each set comes with a main dish and 3 small portion of side dishes, a bowl of rice and a soup (similar to Taiwanese style). Boy boy loves their soup the last time we came coz it tasted like home cook soup that does not have ajinomoto. But this time they serves corn soup, which was not boy boy's preference coz he dont like to drink corn soup. To me, it was nice.

Sweet and Sour Pork set (RM14.80). The pork was not crunchy and the sauce was not that good either.

Seafood Curry Mee (RM9.88). No good.

Golden Sunrise Spare Ribs Set (RM13.88). Now, this is good. The pork rib was big and the sauce was really good. Sweet and tasty.

Intense Pork Curry set (RM11.88). Nikky feels that the kuah was not thick enough.

Exotic Thai Curry Chicken (RM11.88). Everyone said this dish was tasty.

Wont go back in the near future coz dont know what to try already.

Hau Kee Seafood - Taman Cheras

Nikky saw this restaurant review on TV and he ajak us to go ho chiak. Luckily he called and checked whether the restaurant is open and he managed to make reservation. If not, do expect long Q as inside and outside of the restaurant was full of people. They even have 3 big tents on the road to cater for more than 15 tables.

It was a working day that day, but the traffic was really smooth at 6.30pm but it was dem jam at cheras area, the small roads, not the big road. This restaurant was located quite deep inside from the main road, and parking was really difficult.

When we wanna order, the lady captain told us that the food will be served minimum 30 minutes and maximum 45min waiting time. True enough, it was served exactly on the 30min interval. The lady captain kept on recommending expensive dishes and fishes. Ended up we ordered quite a lot as well lor... enough to cater for 10 person (we only 7 person that day).

Chicken. Dont know what was the exact name, coz the captain made recommendation then we said ok. It somehow tasted like herbal chicken. The meat was quite tough coz it was a kampung chicken.

Loh Han Zhai (vege). Huge portion!

Fried pork intestine. The must-order dish for every visit. Although it was on the spicy side, but it tasted really good. I wish the intestines could be a little bit softer though coz it was tough (I compared it to Seng Kee in Petaling Street as I just went there a week ago to try this dish). This dish was finished by us within 15 minutes. It was 'this' good! [to PY and Angela, you must go and try this].

Nyonya Steam Fish. So-so only.

Pork Knuckles. Another signature dish for this restaurant. The skin was really crispy and the chilli dipping was really good too!

Lap Mei Fan. Super oily and salty. Very geli to me la this dish. Do not order this if you cannot eat lap mei. We tabao the leftover back, and I think it is still in my fridge.

We tried our best to finish the food but it was really a lot lor. Super over order this time. Hahaha. Never mind la, once in year to stuff yourselves with food. The total bill was around RM300. The restaurant didnt break down the price for each dish, so I dont know exactly the price.

Restaurant Hau Kee Seafood
12, Jalan Kaskas 2,
Taman Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 91300113

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge - LCCT

On the 4th day of CNY, sending my sis off to Australia in LCCT. Before they (my parents following her as well) enter the immigration, we sat at Threobroma Chocolate Lounge for light lunch.

Oxtail Stew (RM10.90) which was super sour and tomato-rish. Yucks. My dad seldom doesnt finish his food but this one made an exception for him coz it was too yucky to finish it.

Iceberg Lady (RM14.50).

Food-wise, the portion was really small, for big eater like my bro would not feel full lor. Taste-wise, other cheaper restaurant taste better. Guess the only thing that is nice in this lounge is their chocolate.

CNY in Melaka

I was born and raised in PJ and I always celebrate CNY in PJ. Never experience the festive seasons in 'kampung' before. So this year, I decided to follow boy boy back to Melaka to see how people-who-have-a-kampung celebrate CNY. We went back on the second day of CNY and it was jam at Negeri Sembilan. Took us 3 hours to reach instead of normal 2 hours.

When we reached there, I experienced a bit of culture shock. The house was packed with boy boy's relatives. When I mean packed, it was really packed. There were like 40 over people in a house. Maybe you think that I am exaggerating, but as a city girl, my grandma's house only filled with 20 people on 2nd day of CNY. Not surprising for boy boy, coz his mother has 12 siblings and some was not back on that day. If all come back hor, I think we have to sit at the garden liao.

Once I got down from the car, average like every 2 steps I took, I have to shake hand with his aunties, uncles and cousins to wish them Happy New Year. Ooo...that was new to me coz I greeted my relatives without any hand shake. Now I think back, it was a bit rude right for not shaking hand with my relatives. But, I was not trained to do that since young lei.

I got 17 ang pows from this particular house in 1 hour. So dem geng wei. This house contributed half of my total angpows le. Next year I wanna go again, can ar? (Provided I am not married). Hahaha.

While we were gambling, boy boy's aunty bought the Melaka famous coconut shake. I heard from them that it was really nice and the Q was really really long. The drink was coconut shake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was nice but not superbly tasty la. I dont know the shop name, but when we were heading to our hotel, we passed by this stall along the road, and indeed the Q was so long.

At night, we wanted to try Simply Fish, but we couldnt find it [actually the GPS showed us the wrong road, it was a road next to the one the GPS showed]. So, with the GPS again, we went to search for Coconut House (which serve Italian food). Little did I know that it was situated near Jonker Street, which means massive jam while on the way there and on the way out.

We found it but it was closed. So we car ride along Jonker Street. It was packed with people and most of the shops having long Q. We found several parking spaces but decided not to dine in JS. So, we went back to Melaka Raya to hunt for some food. Once we turned out of Dataran Pahlawan, we were on Jalan Melaka Raya 1, and we saw Simply Fish!

We ordered Ocean Supreme (RM22.90). We ordered the small portion coz we wanted to save our stomach for satay celup. The fish was really good and fresh and I do wished that they give more garlic sauce on top of it. Other prawns and squid was so-so only. If I were to compare it to Manhattan Fish Market, I would always stick with MFM anytime.

Sweet Onion Rings (RM5.50). True to its title, the onion was sweet and quite big. The batter was a bit hard.
After that, we met up with Nikky and his two sisters, and Nikky brought us to Ban Lee Siang instead of Capitol (which we had last time). It was 10pm that time, and the restaurant was packed (as usual). It was a two-shop-house restaurant and we waited for 5 minutes, a staff asked whether do we mind sitting behind the restaurant, we said ok.

So, we passed by the toilet, and the kitchen and surprisingly, there were another 8 tables at the back of the restaurant! It was stuffy and hot la of course. But we were seated near the side, so once in a while, the cool chilling wind will blow towards our table.

Now, I need to compare BLS with Capitol. Capitol changes the satay sauce once the table changes patron, which is good due to hygienic reason. BLS uses back the same satay sauce and we might be eating other people's saliva; Capitol only has one shop lot space and limited tables, expect waiting time to be at least 45min to 1 hour. BLS has wider space and more tables, waiting time is lesser. Satay sauce wise, Capitol was thicker while BLS was on the diluted side, but it was acceptable.

Due to CNY, they increased the price of 10 cent each stick. But still it was rather cheap to me (as a city girl) lor, 60 or 70 cent per stick, dem cheap wei. PJ here selling at least RM1 per stick. Nikky and boy boy ate so much, and it was only RM34 for the bill plus 4 can drinks.

If you ask me which satay celup I prefer, I will go back to BLS because of the waiting time is shorter and the satay sauce was acceptable.

Restoran Ban Lee Siang
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,

After that, we rested at Nikky's uncle house for a while before we ventured into another late supper at 12am. Roti John from Restoran Barket Roti John. No surpise to me as the restaurant was packed as usual. The service was really bad coz the staffs (which are all family members of the owner) ignored our waving hands for numerous time. Nikky has to go to the counter and asked the staff to take our order.

Expect long waiting time and rude services. We ordered Roti John first and before we wanted to order other stuffs (still thinking whether wanna order or not), the staff who was writing down the order walked away. After that, they put a plate of mee goreng on our table and before we can open our mouth and said we did not order that, he walked away. Waved few times and didnt layan us, Nikky has to take back the mee to the counter. swt.

Despite the bad service, you cant find any other place that serve genuine roti john as this one (PJ version all tipu people one). It was served in a big long loaf, embedded with sardine, onions, egg and served with chilli dipping sauce. It tasted really good when it was eaten hot, fresh from the stove. Me and boy boy finish a loaf (RM3.50) ourselves even though we were stuffed to death.

This restaurant is an open air stall situated along Tanjung Kling, near Makam Hang Tuah and Melaka Club. Definately must try for those who havent try it before. Now I wanted to eat Roti John again.

The next morning, we went to Odeon Western Food Restaurant since it was strongly recommended by Nikky (not to mention that it was owned by his uncle). It serves cheap western food. I ordered beef noodles (their signature dish for the beef noodles lovers) and boy boy took lamp chop.

Now, let me tell you the mistake that I have made so that you guys wont repeat the same mistake again. I only remember Nikky said the beef noodle was good and I forgotten that he said the sauce is in black color. When the waiter asked me whether I want a soup version or a dry version, I ordered the soup coz to me beef noodle always come with soup. After I ate that, it was bland and rather disappointing lor, not like what Nikky mentioned until so delicious like that.

When I met Nikky later that day, he told me that he didnt know there was two versions. The last time he ate was only one version. The delicious one was the dry version. Swt! Nikky's dad asked us to go back there and eat again before we head back to PJ because we will regret if we didnt try the beef noodle and fish & chips. Nope, we didnt go back there la of coz, it would be another 30 min drive back there. Will try again next time.

Odeon Western Food Restaurant
659 & 660,
Taman Melaka Raya.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

almost bald one patch!

As usual, I was blow drying my hair just now. Suddenly I heard some weird sound from the hair dryer, it was like 'clag clag clag' in a super fast speed. So I moved my hair dryer away and couldnt move further. Coz few strands of my hair was stucked at the back of the hair dryer.

Then I was like, "kim, bring me a scissors! my hair got stucked!"

My dad's response, "aiya, just pull it out from your head la".

Then I forcefully pulled out few strands of my hair.

My sis was laughing non stop. My dad still wanna 'chai dor leong kiok' (ejek) saying, "first time I see people hair got stuck in the hair dryer. Luckily u notice, if not your hair will be burned'. My sis laughed even louder.

Aiks, you think I purposely one meh, you know what is accident or not lei??? I also dont want to celebrate my new year with one small bald patch on my head.

My hair scalp still paining u know.

Aiya, forgotten to take picture let you guys see how it got stuck tiem....

Tiger Woohoo

Went and watch Tiger Woohoo yesterday since Angela and PY said it was farnie and strongly recommend me to go and watch it. I was really skeptical of local productions coz they overacting (but I supported Sepet ok, I think it was really good). They told me that we, as a Malaysian has to support local production. But I still dont feel like watching it.

Until they told me on Monday that Woohoo's last day in cinema was yesterday, I went and watch it. GSC was fully booked coz it was a small cinema, so I bought the tickets in 1U.

We had our dinner (popcorn) in cinema coz the jam was freaking crazy at 8pm yesterday. We left boy boy's house at 7.45pm and reached 1U at 8.45pm. Super chi sin lor.

This movie was indeed a family movie. The people in the cinema ranges from young (5 yrs old to ah mah level). The whole movie watching was noisy coz these unconsiderate people kept on talking non-stop. It was not like one couple or family who talked, it was like 50% of the people was talking during the movie. =.=" I know it is a family movie but this is a cinema and not your home ok. Doink!

The movie was not super hilarious la, it was so-so with some farnie scenes. What I like about this movie? I kept on watching Lam Tak Weng who acts as Ah Beng. His response was really farnie. The 'na pet' Royce really super 'na pet'. The four little girls are cute and funny as well. The mahjong scene was excellent lor when the fat boy drop the 'fatt' out.

I dont like Ngan Mei Yan and the person acting her mum (ie. the super showy neighbour), both of them over-acting. I hated Chiok Wai Kan too because once she opens her mouth, her voice was piercing through my eyes. Dont like Ah Xian also.

Other than that, the movie was entertaining la. At least my boy boy laughed at a few scenes. Now, I think people who watched this movie will scold people with 'jeng fan si' instead of 'stupid'.

p/s: Woohoo to myself too coz I got approval for my US Visa. Hahaha. The interview session was less than 5 minutes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiny Thoughts # 16

Last night didnt sleep well... keep on thinking of my US Visa application. Yup, I am going to US in March. Short trip. No time to go shopping, so dont bother tumpang me to buy anything. Joking only la...will try to but cannot guarantee can buy lor. Will buy for myself first. Hahaha....

I booked my interview slot on this Thursday morning and I am nervous like hell since yesterday. People said if it is for business trip, it should be no problem. But I really scare hor...what if I am one in a million that kena whacked like mad??? What if I couldnt answer their questions??? what if I failed my interview? Dem malu u know. Sigh....

The main issue that is bothering me right now is the visa photo. I went and took my photo for visa application and I have forgotten to ask the boss to 'not' photoshop my face. Coz the last time my dad took a passport photo, this fella went and photoshop my dad kao kao until so fair and wrinkle-less. The immigration department reject his photo and ask him to take another photo.

My dad went back and complain and that fella dare say hor, "other people are ok what!". What the heck do you mean other people??? My dad not other people ar? you think we so free to go back to your shop and complain to you that the photo is not usable is it? Dem sui you know. So I scare this case might happen on me.

When I took the photo on Monday night, it was obvious that he photoshop all my freckles and pimples on my face. Well, it still looks like me but I scare the embassy couldnt scan my photo. If they reject my application before the interview, then it is not worth the time and hassle you know.

So, my strategy is to fork out another RM20 (freaking expensive! it is like RM5 per photo and the photo shop has to develop 4 photos in a go, no single photo) myself and go to the recommended photo shop in Ampang Park (I read the guide on Monday and I took the photo on Sunday, no turning back) as a backup, just in case. Settled.

Besides the visa application, I kept on thinking how am I going to spend time in the 20hr long journey, in other words, how to survive in the plane for 20 hrs for a person who is air-sick??? Thinking of buying a netbook so that I can watch some Hong Kong series. But netbook battery can only tahan ~ 5 hours. What do I after that?? Read novel will make me more dizzy.

What if the plane did not show any nice movies?? Can I request them to show Avatar?? I can keep on watching Avatar for 1 day. If they show Titanic, I will vomit blood. You might be thinking that I am a bit siao of accepting this offer since I have so many concerns .But it is once in a lifetime (or maybe not a lifetime la) opportunity, take first then think later. correct??

Havent talk about jetlag issue lei... etc. never ending worries.

Going for interview on Thursday. Wish me luck!

Kokopelli Travellers Bistro - Section 11

One day, one the way back to boy boy's house, we passed by this bungalow and it was bright and full of people. Then we thought it might be a party there. But the environment was weird enough for a party coz there are small individual tables outside and people was sitting there and dining. Couldnt see the name of the restaurant (if it is a real restaurant) coz it was dark at night.

During day time, we passed by and we purposely slow down and I saw 'Kokopelli' word on their glass door. Curious enough (coz the restaurant was full house) I went back and google-searched the restaurant name. Indeed, a few famous floggers have blogged about this restaurant before and there are lots of praises for this restaurant.

Thought of waiting for Nikky to ajak makan dinner during weekend then I can suggest this place. Everytime he asked us to recommend and decide on the dinning place. So everytime I headache thinking of a new place to try out. But I cannot wait for him liao, so I went with boy boy on last Sunday night.

Dont expect impressive menu with nice pictures and backgrounds, Kokopelli's menu was made of A4 size paper and clipped with a clip. Never mind on menu, what does matter is the food right?

Cream of Mushroom soup (RM10.90). It was served with normal bread (not garlic bread). Although the soup was rich in flavour, I think the price is on the high side.

We ordered polio pizza (RM16.90), some sort like hawaiian chicken. The chicken they used was breast meat, which was tough and they cut into such big pieces that make difficult to eat. The base was not thin and not thick (not Italian style and not pizza-hut style), so I dont quite like it.

At this point of time, I was thinking whether this restaurant is really as good as what the bloggers described or not. I was at the verge of disappointment already. Then this dish came .... Moussaka (RM20.90). It was made of aubergines, mash potato, onions and lamb. The moment I took the first bite, it was perfect! The taste of the lamb was perfect, the aubergine was perfect combination. Dem shiok lor this dish. Boy boy agreed with me too!

Luckily I didnt ended up disappointed with this restaurant. I will still go back and try their Char Kuey Teow, which is well-known among the bloggers. But I am not a CKT fans, I dont know how to judge, any CKT fans wanna ajak me go? I will still order the moussaka, coz it is just too good to be missed.

6, Jalan Bukit,
Section 11/2, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 7505
(A bungalow opposite Three 2 Square)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ya ya, I know I have been MIA for quite some time. PY told me 2 days ago, "Let me remind you that you have not been updating blog for very long already". One of the reason being I have nothing to blog about, didnt eat anything spectacular, no one pisses me off etc. and my PC kena super many viruses and become super slow, and I have to use my dad's laptop to surf net... Another reason being I was too addicted to FB Cafe World... every night I am playing CW without fail.

But let me tell you now that I have stopped playing the games in FB coz I started to get bored with it. So, at the time being, I am very free now. Free from FB means that I am free for shopping! I have been shopping none stop since a month ago. Actually I bought all my CNY clothing a month ago. The shopping in this month mostly teman other people to do their CNY shopping only.

Twice to Sungai Wang with PY, Angela and MG. I didnt buy anything there. At least twice to One Utama with my bro. I think the most being my brother lor. But until now also he didnt buy any new shirts for CNY. He bought pants.

So, today I ajak my family (I am free coz boy boy went to JB to attend company dinner, I bet he must be drunk by now @ 12am) to Mid Valley to do last minute shopping. My mum and sis bought all their CNY clothing. Is just that need to buy a few more things for my sis coz she is going to Aust. next week.

We reached Mid-Valley at 10am, looking for a place to have breakfast. The Nyonya colors, kopitiam etc at the Gardens lower ground was full house and long Q. We dont wanna waste time on this and so happen that we saw a sign 'Pappa Rich opens at 3rd floor'. So we went up to look for this kopitiam. It was very empty when we entered and became full house 15 minutes later.

The menu was totally different from what I tried in Pappa Rich Cheras (near MG house). The menu was really extensive and a bit higher class lor. The downside was many of the toast bread variety and some dishes was not available.

My sis ordered some paos.
Fish and Chips. My bro said it should be called like that, it should be 'Fish n Chips n Rice'.

Fried Kuey Teow. Suits my bro coz it was not spicy. It was a bit bland afterall.

Curry Chicken with steam bread. I saw the menu show drumstick but it came chicken breast. My dad asked me to change to drumstick but I didnt. So the chicken meat was really tough lor. The curry was nice, not too spicy. I asked for more curry and they gave another small bowl.
Milo and another drink that I dont know the name. My sis said it was Soya Cincau. But my bro said it should be 'michael jackson plus incredible hulk'. Dont know why my bro so sarcastic today.

After the meal, we started our shopping. Actually I am shopping for boy boy coz he dont have any CNY clothes yet and he has no time to buy already. So I shop on behalf of him. Luckily I managed to buy him 2 t-shirts and 1 shirt.

After 3 hours shopping, we were already holding quite a number of bags you know. I was so tired. My mum and bro stood at the middle court there listening to Lilian Too talked about Feng Shui. She said Monkey and Sheep are very bad this year. But never talk about Dog.

Half way listening, I ajak my dad and my sis to sit in a kopitiam to wait for my bro and my mum. So we went to Little Taiwan to have some snacks. It was 3pm at that time.
Tempura Taiwanese style.
Wo Tip.
Beef Noodle.

After the meal, we continued our shopping. Need to shop for new bed sheet for the new year. And finally I bought something --> a set of bed sheet. Hahaha. Wanted to buy shoes but couldnt find any. Wanted to buy bra but all the bras were expensive. Wanted to buy more clothes for boy boy but scare not ngam his taste.

All of us ended up super exhausted. We never shop for 6 1/2 hours before. And ended up with so many bags (my sis bought quite a number of items and my mum bought Crocs, my dad bought a Nadal-similar pants, my bro bought a long pants and many pairs of socks). I think we have spent RM1k in one day.

Reached home at 5pm and I slept until 8pm. Hahaha.... really tired la. Then we went to Dae Jang Gum for dinner at 9pm. Satisfying meal indeed. Now, need to teman my sis to eat whatever she is craving before she leaves to Australia.

Ok, tomorrow need to do some spring cleaning of my room. Need to clear of something to get back some good energy. According to my mum (of coz she based on Lilian Too's book), the 'Quarelsome star' is sitting in my room this year, so I have to be careful to avoid any fight and dont argue with people this year. Now, you will see me lay low and keep my mouth shut after CNY.