Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tenji - Solaris

The Tenji craze was like a year ago, and I got to try it last Sunday. Nikky and Scott were so enthusiastic about Tenji. Since they are having promotion, one for original price, second person RM30. So we went.

Coconut. Only managed to drink 2 biji, 1 at the start and 1 before we left. Stupid people there refill so slow. Bengang. And their other juices or cocktails were lousy.

The first batch of sashimi was fresh. But the second batch I took was not so fresh. The sashimi selection was worse than Saisaki.

Their signature 'palm size' oysters were not so 'palm-sized' after all. It was like so small. Although I dont eat oyster, but Tenji being tagged by people that the restaurant who serves 'palm-sized' oysters, was disappointed at the size. Maybe it was not oyster season after all. For this, you dont need to Q up as last time, you can just take as many as you want from the counter.

BBQ crab.


Okonomiyaki. Very salty.

They serve 3 variety of ice creams: Baskin robbins, Haagen Daaz and Japanese Ice Cream. There was no Q at the Baskin Robbins but long Q at HD. Dont bother Q-ing up for the Japanese ice cream coz it tasted really bad, even our Nestle ice cream tastes better.

After this, I am not gonna eat Japanese Food for quite sometime. Nikky and Scott said they will come back here again next year.


calvin said...

haha...why everyone is critic tenji but nikky and scott still like it so much?

siewmun said...

I still prefer Saisaki. I ate a lot more at Saisaki.