Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Celebration

By 6pm, I was fully made up and dressed, waiting for boy boy to come and pick me up. It started to rain heavily. Boy boy got stucked in office because of customer. Cant these people just give him a break on his birthday?? 7pm, he called and said he is coming.

8pm, he reached. When I stepped into his car, he asked me, "Today is your birthday or mine?". Coz I dressed so nice and with full makeup, which is like totally out of my normal dressing way. Then I told him that I respect him as my boy boy, so I took effort to dress up.

8.30pm, we reached Mid Valley. The day before I google searched a lot of website to try to find nice food in Mid Valley. Mana tahu there are none. I do not want Japanese restaurant (i havent recover from the Tenji), and I just want a nice cozy restaurant for both of us. Ended up we were at Tony Romas (Ya, TR again).

We tried on their new menu, Portabello Mushroom (RM24.90), stuffed with shrimps, spinach, artichokes, melted cheese, tangy italian cheese and golden breadcrumbs. This dish is totally not worth the price. There were only 5 shrimps, no doubt it was fresh, but the amount of spinach was too much lor, and the mushroom was small lor despite it claimed to be 'portabello'. It totally looked different from the menu until boy boy thought I ordered something else.

Lamb Chop (RM45.90). There were 5 lamb ribs, fat, oily and raw. Ya, I mean raw. I ordered well-done specifically, but it came super reddish, inside. What the hell happened to TR chef??? For that amount of price, I would rather take Chillis lamb chop.

Never been so disappointed with TR. Thought of celebrating boy boy's bday by buying him some nice meals. I didnt expect I myself doesnt even enjoy the meal. Sigh. Boy boy console me said that the meal was ok.

After all this, I dont feel like ordering the dessert anymore. No mood liao. I would rather buy boy boy Just Heavenly cake during this weekend.

I told him to take photo of me, he kept on saying, "act cute! faster act cute!". I was like =.=" I cut this type of hair, I have to act cute is it??? Wth! Nah, act cute la!

Why dont you act cute then??

After the dinner, we went and watched Legion. To me it was so-so but boy boy said it was nice. And the grandma was super scary wei and the little kid too! when he was humming the song, it totally reminded me of childsplay.

Oh ya, boy boy's car got hit by a lady that morning, his birthday morning! My first reaction was like, "why didnt you tell me earlier??? I will go and buy 3D!"

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