Monday, January 4, 2010

On fire!

Boy boy’s house was on fire that night!

Not to worry, boy boy is still alive.

Not a big fire though, just a small corner of his house got burned.

And you can never guess what caused the fire.

At 1am, he smells some type of electronic burning smell. So he walked near his computer cables there, but the smell was not from there. He tried to sniff the whole room but still couldn’t find out where the smell comes from.

When he opened the door, a total blackout! The black smoke was floating in front of his door and he can’t see a thing. So he went downstairs and look for the source.

At a corner of the living room, the fire was flaming! Boy boy, being very smart one, knows that fire that is caused by electric are not allowed to use water. So he found a piece of cloth and tried to put off the fire.

Of course, the fire was put off, the floor was full of dust. He opened the glass door and the windows so that the smoke can go off.

When he told me about the incident, my first reaction was, “why you never take picture before you put off the fire???”. He said, “You CRAZY ar???”

Luckily he was not asleep at that time, if not the whole house will be burnt down coz around the corner, there was baby JL’s toys, a big bottle of oil and some wooden furniture. Sure ja lat liao la if didn’t put off earlier. Plus, the smoke can suffocate his family who were asleep soundly at that time.

“If I die then you can go find another guy that want to get married fast one lor, so good”. =.=”

Ok, have you guess what was on fire? Neh…. The electronic racket-light thingy to electrocute the mosquitoes one…. Apparently, his mum was charging the thing and left it there. So the adapter got heated up and burnt.

So the lesson is: DON’T CHARGE AND SLEEP

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My nose **** has some ash some more. @@