Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Eve's Dinner

My bro treated us a dinner at Coconut Flower on New Year eve. The dinner was supposed to start at 8pm. But we expecting someone would be late coz no one can predict the traffic in KL especially New Year eve. But surprisingly, the traffic was smooth!

Calvin picked me and Annie up at 5pm, and went and picked up my bro at HLA within 5 minutes. And we reached Scott's office, puchong another 30 minutes. Woo! Really unexpected. Since it was still early for dinner and we have to wait for kinyu to meet us at Puchong. We went and have a tea break at Honeymoon.

Honeydew Sago.

Nata De Coco tau fu fa (left) and marble taufufa (right). This marble taufufa was mixed together with black sesame.

Yong Ji Kam Lou.
Tai Chi Tau Fu Fa.

We left Puchong at 7pm and proceeded to Kesas highway. The traffic was heavy but still can speed. We reached Coconut Flower around 7.45pm and was seated at one of the hut that has super lots of mosquitoes. Michelle and Yweng were the first one to reach, all the way from Cheras.

Now, we just left the super-duper late guy, Nikky. 10 minutes before 8pm, he arrived. Woah! First time ever he reached BEFORE the time. Somemore he went and picked Suyin up in USJ then went back to his house in Bkt Jelutong and bathed, yet he reached on time. Need to buy 3D liao. Hahaha.

Kung Bow Har Gou. I tried this in one of the restaurant in Serdang and I fell in love with the dish. But the one here was rather disappointing though. The Kung Bow taste was ever lousier than the mixed rice shop in Wisma Sentral. The Har Gou was not crispy enough. Now, I miss the serdang restaurant. Should have settle with their signature Oat Har Gou.

Fried Meehoon with lala.

Fried sotong.

Oh Jien.

Kam Kua Kang (Pumpkin soup??). The captain said this has sharkfin in it, but I doubt there was any real sharkfin. Nevertheless, it was quite refreshing to have this dish instead the normal sharkfin soup. The pumpkin did add an extra kick to this soup. Not bad. I quite like it.

Steam Jade Fish.

Siong Tong Lala. The soup was quite nice.

Nai Yao Crab. It has the curry powder, I think it is the original version of nai yao. I still prefer the version in King Crab.

Spicy and Sour Crab.

Thanks bro for the dinner.

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