Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nearly died of pain

Last night, while I was blow drying my hair, my left side stomach started to pain. I will have this type of pain from time to time as (I suspect) there is a small kidney stone. All this while, what I did was either to lie down on my bed or to take panadol (if I have to go to work).

The pain is not like any type of pain, the pain is like a knife poking into your body and squeeze like that. It will start from soft, gradually peak at the top, super painful for 2 seconds then it is gone. Every 10 minutes it will strike and it last for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Last night, I felt the pain again, so I lied down on my bed and hoping it is the same scenario like last time. But this time it was different, it continued to be at the peak for like 3 - 5 minutes! Then it stopped for a few minutes then it peaked again for super long. I was like WTH!

I wanted to sleep but my chicken (in CafĂ© World) still needs another 15 minutes to be ready for serving. If I just sleep, my chicken will get spoilt and wasted my 1-day ‘cooking’ it. So I struggled to walk out, told my sis to help me serve it after 15 minutes. Then I walked back and lie down on the bed.

The pain never subsided; it was still paining like mad. I wanted to call my dad to send me to hospital already. But it was like 10.30pm, so late already, and I thought I can bear with it. I was thinking that time hor, if I die of this pain, I will ‘sei ng ngan bai’ (dying with eyes wide opened) coz I haven’t achieve many things in my life yet ie. married.

Then I sat up and bended my body. Eh…it was not that pain wor… the ‘peak’ went off but the ‘medium pain’ still around. So I hugged by bolster and rested my head on the bolster. Fell asleep.

I woke up; god knows what time was it, neck pain and back pain. I lied back down on the bed, then the stupid ‘peak pain’ came again! I was like WTH!!! Really don’t let me sleep nicely is it??? I sat back up again.

So the whole night I slept in a sitting position. I think around 4 or 5am like that, I tried to lie down on bed again, it was all right.

The fact that you are reading this post means that I am still alive. Someone will still have to marry me somehow. No escape.

* I think my kidney stone has grown bigger and it starting to cause immense pain. While I am writing this, my left side of the stomach still feel abit sourish. Sigh, getting older and getting more sickness. Sienz.


Naruto said...

I felt those kind of pain before. But i guess mine was food poisoning. Ka ka ka

siewmun said...

i dont think is food poisoning coz i didnt even **** a thing since that day.

Calvin said...

So cham...not yet give birth to baby yet oledi so pain. then no need marry and give birth jor lor.

Renji said...

Need my ban-kai help u to take our the little stone?

Mich said...

aiyo siew mun go for check up la... why wanna tahan the pain

siewmun said...

going to die soon la....