Monday, January 11, 2010

Kimchiharu - Jaya One

Passed by this restaurant some time ago but thought of boy boy doesnt fancy Korean food, so I didnt go in. Since we are running out of place to makan, I decided to give this place a try. The place was quite comfy.

They offer contemporary korean dishes, so do not expect you will have grill stuffs here. The good thing is you can eat normal korean dishes without getting yourselves smelly after the grilling. The menu was quite limited, some snacks (pancakes, nien kou etc), rice dishes, and some mee soup.

Salad and kimchi (FOC). Refillable. Although I like Korean food, but I dont eat Kimchi ya, so I dont know what is a tasty kimchi and what's not.

Another 4 different types of banchan (not refillable) (FOC). The banchan furthest from the screen was salty according to boy boy, so we didnt touch the second piece after that. The second last banchan was tofu, spicy and nice. The second nearest to the screen is potato, nice. The first one is sotong, fresh.

Boy boy ordered Soon-dubu Jigae (RM15). He always like some thing with soup. The description from the menu: silky soft tofu with wholesome fresh seafood and pork belly boiled in spicy broth topped with an egg. Served with a bowl of rice.

It was really spicy. The seafood here is only lala, no prawns.

Bulgogi Bibimbap (RM17) - assorted vege with pork in hot stone. You can choose chicken or beef, and you have an option of adding cheese on it. I was not so adventurous, so I went with the conventional version.

You got to see me more featuring in the food photos coz I got a new hair that is photogenic anytime. Wahahhaa. Must be proud of my hair.
I mixed 2 spoonful of the sauce into the bibimbap and it tasted just nice, slightly soft and meshed, and slightly spicy. Luckily I didnt put the whole thing, the last time I went to Korea I put all the sauce in it and it became super spicy and watery, so yucky. Hahaha. I like this version of bibimbap but boy boy said it tasted farnie (see....told you he dont like Korean food, dont know how to eat).

I got a 10% discount coz I got the flyer just outside the restaurant. So remember to take the flyer before you enter ya. Promo ends 31 Janaury 2010. I wanna go back and try the Japchae and bulgogi soup. Who wanna teman me?

No. 13-LG1, Block D, Jaya One.
Tel: 7629 8020

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