Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To my boy boy!

And my new baby-friend!

Congrats to Annie and Calvin! Both baby and mother are safe.

I am on leave today. Reason being: today is boy boy's birthday, so I took leave. =.=" what a lame reason right? The birthday boy has to work but the gf nicely went and took leave. Hahaha. No lah, need to clear off some leaves before February, so I simply find a reason to take leave lor.

My dad was going to Monash at 10am, so I tagged along him, dropped me at Sunway Medical to visit Annie. Mana tahu she havent come out from the surgery room yet. Saw Calvin sitting on his bed and loading baby's photos to FB.

Waited along 30 minutes, saw the nurses pushed Annie in. She looked quite semangat! Only half epidural, so she was awake and can move somemore. 5 minutes later, the nurse pushed the newborn in and he kept on crying liao. Ning Ning looked at his lil' bro one kind. Hehe.

Not long after, my dad called liao and said he is on the way to pick me up. So quickly I went off. We wanted to eat Sunrise duck at Taman Paramount. We have been wanting to eat it since monthsss ago. The Q is long during weekends, and I kept on taking Monday off (Sunrise is closed on Mondays).

This time, is a Wednesday. When we reached there. It was closed. >.< They closed from 25/1 to 27/1, resume business on 28/1. I super bengang lor, wanna eat so many times also failed.

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