Monday, January 11, 2010

GuZheng Certificate Presentation

No one teman me to go GuZheng Certificate Presentation. So I went alone. The students ranging from very young kids to as old as 84 years old. But people around my age was difficult to spot. I felt so old beside these children and teenagers, but felt so young beside the aunties and uncles. Hehe.

I can see how the parents are so proud of their children. For the children who performed, the parents were even more nervous than them. Parents are not easy to be le, always want the children to learn this and that, then have to become their driver, fetch here fetch there.

The ceremony started with performances by students. My teacher asked me to perform, but I malu as I have stage fright le. So I promised teacher that I will perform next year. Hopefully someone will teman me and help me take picture.

One of the performance was Colours of the Wind (the Pocahontas theme song) and it was beautifully done using GuZheng. So I told me teacher I want to learn the song. Need to perform it during my best mate wedding. Ya, the best mate that is going to register this month. To her, so, Colours of the Wind song can? If cannot then I dont wanna perform anything lor. Coz you dont let me play Wong Fei Hoong song, Samuel Hui and Lisa Wang songs.

That's my teacher. See, my hair same as her. Very matching lei??

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