Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I saw this oxford boots on a blogspot on Sunday night and the pricing was alright too. I have been craving for oxford boots since many months ago but I didn’t buy it coz the price was on the high side. I didn’t send enquiry on Sunday night but I told boy boy that I saw a nice shoe online. He immediately asked me to buy and he said he will sponsor me. Hahaha.

So the next morning, I immediately send an enquiry to the blogshop owner asked whether I can try out the sizes first before I purchase during COD and I stated that I am available for COD in the afternoon.

She replied at 11am saying that she will be in Pyramid till evening. I sms-ed her saying that I can meet her in Pyramid at 3.30pm. She didn’t reply, so I assumed is ok.

After lunch, I went to Pyramid with my sis at 3pm. When I reached Pyramid at 3.3opm, I called the blogshop owner. I got ‘error in connection’. I tried few times consecutively, and it has the same response. So I called every 5 minutes, still the same response.

Around 4pm, I sms-ed PY asked her to access my email to see whether I got the owner’s handphone number correct. It was correct. So, I tried calling again. And I started to get a bit impatient and a bit angry. Either she gave me the wrong number or she totally MIA at all. But she should have called me at 3.30pm if I didn’t get her. Our COD was supposed to be at 3.3o.

This blogshop is quite well known among the online shopping for shoes, and has good reviews and quite long time in business. I don’t know why I am encountering this with her. I am a serious shopper, I do not backout. Why is this happening to me?

Then at 4.15pm, I received a reply from her saying sorry and she is in the cinema now. She asked me how long I will be there. I replied saying I need to leave before 5pm to avoid the jam. She said her movie will finish in another 30 minutes. So I said I will wait for her.

5.15pm, we met. She let me tried size 37, which according to her previously is not available. She told me that she wanted to reserve this size for herself. I asked whether she is serious in giving out this size. She said is ok. I tried and it fit. Then I asked again whether she really don’t want it. Then she asked me to take it, she has too many pairs of shoes.

So, I took my oxford booties happily! And I got stucked in the jam near Sunway College for 30 minutes just to go to the LDP. I couldn’t blame her coz she sold me her pair (which is new la) and somemore the COD was arranged so last minute. But she should have replied me saying she is watching movie during this time what. I panicked somemore when couldn’t get her. Waste my time, waste my petrol, waste my expectation you know.

Despite all that, I am a very happy person now.


Naruto said...

THe girl you bought the shoe from leng lui or not ?

Renji said...

eard she said is leng lui la but I dun trust her taste wan.She only good in seeing leng zai but not leng lui.Next time I COD for her then tell u. XD Maybe request to camwhore with her =P

siewmun said...

renji, u 'fatt lou hao' is it?? always wanna camwhore with girls...u think u very leng chai meh...

Renji said...

Nola,not leng zai only camwhore ma.Leng zai got other ppl take photo jor. XD