Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 January 2010

Was another good day for wedding, or maybe people just rushing before the CNY for marriage coz a lot of people said Tiger year is not a good year for marriage [Boy boy, please do not believe what other people say, any year is a good year to marry me!).

and 23/1/10 was indeed a hectic day for me. I have to makeup for 3 people at 3 different locations, and attend one wedding lunch and one birthday party at night. Let me show you my schedule on that day:

6.30am: Woke up and makeup myself. Was too sleepy and ended up makeup myself with super heavy smokey eyes. swt.

7.30am: Left my house and headed to Bukit Kemuning to makeup my Gu Mah. It was my cousin brother, Martin wedding today.

8.10am: Reached Bukit Kemuning. Since my cousin has not go out to 'jip san leong', took a few photos with him.
9.15am: Left Bukit Kemuning and headed to Bukit Tinggi, Nicole's house.

9.50am: Reached her house and started the makeup session.

10.45am: Her mum saw Nicole so pretty, she asked me to makeup her too!

11.15am: Left Nicole's house and rushed back home.

11.50am: Reached my house. Put down my makeup tool box and changed.

12pm: Received a call from Eunice said that her sis would like to makeup and hairdo as well (I accepted the job to makeup her mum earlier, not the bride).

12.30pm: Reached the restaurant in Seapark to attend my cousin's wedding lunch. Finally got the chance to sit down.

2.30pm: Haven't even got time to wait for the dessert. Left the restaurant and went home to change and take my makeup tools.

3.15pm: Reached Bandar Utama and makeup the mum and daughter. (After this, I do not want to accept anymore makeup job for the 'bride's mum', as I do not have any pleasant experiences with them. I will only accept if the 'mum' go to salon and do her hair, and I just have to do the makeup. Quite a sad case you know).

6pm: Left BU and headed back to my house.

6.20pm: Reached home and didnt get the chance to bath, coz my bro was using the toilet.

6.45pm: Boy boy reached my house already. I chose not to bath coz it will take me 10 min for me to remove my makeup and 10 min for me to bath and 5 min for me to change. Scare he will scold me for waiting too long.

7.10pm: Reached Calvin's house to celebrate Ning Ning's 1 year old party. The farnie thing was Nikky called us at 7pm and said he reached already. When we stepped into Calvin's house, there was no Nikky at all. So we said that he tipu us.

7.40pm: Nikky came in (he was not the latest one), and Suyin kept on saying Nikky was stupid. Why? coz they reached at 7pm (even earlier than us! and in fact they were the earliest among our gang to reach), and he was so shy to go in alone, so he waited in the car for 30 minutes. swt!

9pm: By this time, I was really exhausted, my eyes were so sourish. Took a group photo. Now, go and spot my makan gang. It was a bit blur to cover up their real face. They always do not want to appear on my blog.

10.30pm: Went to bed after serving my 'chicken' in CW. Didnt get a good night sleep coz my stomach was paining again.

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