Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Celebration

By 6pm, I was fully made up and dressed, waiting for boy boy to come and pick me up. It started to rain heavily. Boy boy got stucked in office because of customer. Cant these people just give him a break on his birthday?? 7pm, he called and said he is coming.

8pm, he reached. When I stepped into his car, he asked me, "Today is your birthday or mine?". Coz I dressed so nice and with full makeup, which is like totally out of my normal dressing way. Then I told him that I respect him as my boy boy, so I took effort to dress up.

8.30pm, we reached Mid Valley. The day before I google searched a lot of website to try to find nice food in Mid Valley. Mana tahu there are none. I do not want Japanese restaurant (i havent recover from the Tenji), and I just want a nice cozy restaurant for both of us. Ended up we were at Tony Romas (Ya, TR again).

We tried on their new menu, Portabello Mushroom (RM24.90), stuffed with shrimps, spinach, artichokes, melted cheese, tangy italian cheese and golden breadcrumbs. This dish is totally not worth the price. There were only 5 shrimps, no doubt it was fresh, but the amount of spinach was too much lor, and the mushroom was small lor despite it claimed to be 'portabello'. It totally looked different from the menu until boy boy thought I ordered something else.

Lamb Chop (RM45.90). There were 5 lamb ribs, fat, oily and raw. Ya, I mean raw. I ordered well-done specifically, but it came super reddish, inside. What the hell happened to TR chef??? For that amount of price, I would rather take Chillis lamb chop.

Never been so disappointed with TR. Thought of celebrating boy boy's bday by buying him some nice meals. I didnt expect I myself doesnt even enjoy the meal. Sigh. Boy boy console me said that the meal was ok.

After all this, I dont feel like ordering the dessert anymore. No mood liao. I would rather buy boy boy Just Heavenly cake during this weekend.

I told him to take photo of me, he kept on saying, "act cute! faster act cute!". I was like =.=" I cut this type of hair, I have to act cute is it??? Wth! Nah, act cute la!

Why dont you act cute then??

After the dinner, we went and watched Legion. To me it was so-so but boy boy said it was nice. And the grandma was super scary wei and the little kid too! when he was humming the song, it totally reminded me of childsplay.

Oh ya, boy boy's car got hit by a lady that morning, his birthday morning! My first reaction was like, "why didnt you tell me earlier??? I will go and buy 3D!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hong Lim Teow Cheow Porridge - SS2

Feel like eating porridge as lunch last Sunday. So boy boy brought me to this shop. There are a lot of variety of dishes. We chose one plain porridge and one sweet potato porridge.

6 different dishes.

Total bill was RM15.80. Which to me was a bit expensive for this type of food. Will come back again if I am craving for porridge though.

Happy Birthday!

To my boy boy!

And my new baby-friend!

Congrats to Annie and Calvin! Both baby and mother are safe.

I am on leave today. Reason being: today is boy boy's birthday, so I took leave. =.=" what a lame reason right? The birthday boy has to work but the gf nicely went and took leave. Hahaha. No lah, need to clear off some leaves before February, so I simply find a reason to take leave lor.

My dad was going to Monash at 10am, so I tagged along him, dropped me at Sunway Medical to visit Annie. Mana tahu she havent come out from the surgery room yet. Saw Calvin sitting on his bed and loading baby's photos to FB.

Waited along 30 minutes, saw the nurses pushed Annie in. She looked quite semangat! Only half epidural, so she was awake and can move somemore. 5 minutes later, the nurse pushed the newborn in and he kept on crying liao. Ning Ning looked at his lil' bro one kind. Hehe.

Not long after, my dad called liao and said he is on the way to pick me up. So quickly I went off. We wanted to eat Sunrise duck at Taman Paramount. We have been wanting to eat it since monthsss ago. The Q is long during weekends, and I kept on taking Monday off (Sunrise is closed on Mondays).

This time, is a Wednesday. When we reached there. It was closed. >.< They closed from 25/1 to 27/1, resume business on 28/1. I super bengang lor, wanna eat so many times also failed.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 January 2010

Was another good day for wedding, or maybe people just rushing before the CNY for marriage coz a lot of people said Tiger year is not a good year for marriage [Boy boy, please do not believe what other people say, any year is a good year to marry me!).

and 23/1/10 was indeed a hectic day for me. I have to makeup for 3 people at 3 different locations, and attend one wedding lunch and one birthday party at night. Let me show you my schedule on that day:

6.30am: Woke up and makeup myself. Was too sleepy and ended up makeup myself with super heavy smokey eyes. swt.

7.30am: Left my house and headed to Bukit Kemuning to makeup my Gu Mah. It was my cousin brother, Martin wedding today.

8.10am: Reached Bukit Kemuning. Since my cousin has not go out to 'jip san leong', took a few photos with him.
9.15am: Left Bukit Kemuning and headed to Bukit Tinggi, Nicole's house.

9.50am: Reached her house and started the makeup session.

10.45am: Her mum saw Nicole so pretty, she asked me to makeup her too!

11.15am: Left Nicole's house and rushed back home.

11.50am: Reached my house. Put down my makeup tool box and changed.

12pm: Received a call from Eunice said that her sis would like to makeup and hairdo as well (I accepted the job to makeup her mum earlier, not the bride).

12.30pm: Reached the restaurant in Seapark to attend my cousin's wedding lunch. Finally got the chance to sit down.

2.30pm: Haven't even got time to wait for the dessert. Left the restaurant and went home to change and take my makeup tools.

3.15pm: Reached Bandar Utama and makeup the mum and daughter. (After this, I do not want to accept anymore makeup job for the 'bride's mum', as I do not have any pleasant experiences with them. I will only accept if the 'mum' go to salon and do her hair, and I just have to do the makeup. Quite a sad case you know).

6pm: Left BU and headed back to my house.

6.20pm: Reached home and didnt get the chance to bath, coz my bro was using the toilet.

6.45pm: Boy boy reached my house already. I chose not to bath coz it will take me 10 min for me to remove my makeup and 10 min for me to bath and 5 min for me to change. Scare he will scold me for waiting too long.

7.10pm: Reached Calvin's house to celebrate Ning Ning's 1 year old party. The farnie thing was Nikky called us at 7pm and said he reached already. When we stepped into Calvin's house, there was no Nikky at all. So we said that he tipu us.

7.40pm: Nikky came in (he was not the latest one), and Suyin kept on saying Nikky was stupid. Why? coz they reached at 7pm (even earlier than us! and in fact they were the earliest among our gang to reach), and he was so shy to go in alone, so he waited in the car for 30 minutes. swt!

9pm: By this time, I was really exhausted, my eyes were so sourish. Took a group photo. Now, go and spot my makan gang. It was a bit blur to cover up their real face. They always do not want to appear on my blog.

10.30pm: Went to bed after serving my 'chicken' in CW. Didnt get a good night sleep coz my stomach was paining again.

Noodle Village - Bdr Puteri Puchong

Searched a food blogger's blog and came across this restaurant that serves Hakka mee and bak chang in Puteri Puchong. Since the price was ok and he praised the food, I went with boy boy to look for that restaurant.

We been up and down the same road for three times and couldnt locate the restaurant. So we searched it base on the shop number, but the shop was a different shop. So we deduced that the restaurant has either shifted or closed down. But the blogger just went there and ate last November wor.

Not knowing what to eat, we stopped at this restaurant and went inside.

Pan Mee Signature Soy Sauce (RM7.30). Being priced quite expensive compared to other Pan Mee, it was indeed a big bowl of mee. At first I thought the soup was like Loh mee soup, but it was not. It was sweet and thick. Quite a different taste.

Pan Mee Egg Sauce (RM7.30). This is a clear version compared to the above. The soup was sweet as well.

Signature Crystal Steam Dumpling (RM3.25). Now, this was something totally different, I never eat something like this before. The dumpling was thick, it was pork with crystal clear skin. You have to mix with the special sauce to get the unique taste. The sauce was made of garlic, ginger, onion and soy sauce. The taste was weird but acceptable.

Restaurant Noodle Village
8G, Jalan Puteri 1/1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong.
Tel: 8061 8760

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tenji - Solaris

The Tenji craze was like a year ago, and I got to try it last Sunday. Nikky and Scott were so enthusiastic about Tenji. Since they are having promotion, one for original price, second person RM30. So we went.

Coconut. Only managed to drink 2 biji, 1 at the start and 1 before we left. Stupid people there refill so slow. Bengang. And their other juices or cocktails were lousy.

The first batch of sashimi was fresh. But the second batch I took was not so fresh. The sashimi selection was worse than Saisaki.

Their signature 'palm size' oysters were not so 'palm-sized' after all. It was like so small. Although I dont eat oyster, but Tenji being tagged by people that the restaurant who serves 'palm-sized' oysters, was disappointed at the size. Maybe it was not oyster season after all. For this, you dont need to Q up as last time, you can just take as many as you want from the counter.

BBQ crab.


Okonomiyaki. Very salty.

They serve 3 variety of ice creams: Baskin robbins, Haagen Daaz and Japanese Ice Cream. There was no Q at the Baskin Robbins but long Q at HD. Dont bother Q-ing up for the Japanese ice cream coz it tasted really bad, even our Nestle ice cream tastes better.

After this, I am not gonna eat Japanese Food for quite sometime. Nikky and Scott said they will come back here again next year.

Nearly died of pain

Last night, while I was blow drying my hair, my left side stomach started to pain. I will have this type of pain from time to time as (I suspect) there is a small kidney stone. All this while, what I did was either to lie down on my bed or to take panadol (if I have to go to work).

The pain is not like any type of pain, the pain is like a knife poking into your body and squeeze like that. It will start from soft, gradually peak at the top, super painful for 2 seconds then it is gone. Every 10 minutes it will strike and it last for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Last night, I felt the pain again, so I lied down on my bed and hoping it is the same scenario like last time. But this time it was different, it continued to be at the peak for like 3 - 5 minutes! Then it stopped for a few minutes then it peaked again for super long. I was like WTH!

I wanted to sleep but my chicken (in CafĂ© World) still needs another 15 minutes to be ready for serving. If I just sleep, my chicken will get spoilt and wasted my 1-day ‘cooking’ it. So I struggled to walk out, told my sis to help me serve it after 15 minutes. Then I walked back and lie down on the bed.

The pain never subsided; it was still paining like mad. I wanted to call my dad to send me to hospital already. But it was like 10.30pm, so late already, and I thought I can bear with it. I was thinking that time hor, if I die of this pain, I will ‘sei ng ngan bai’ (dying with eyes wide opened) coz I haven’t achieve many things in my life yet ie. married.

Then I sat up and bended my body. Eh…it was not that pain wor… the ‘peak’ went off but the ‘medium pain’ still around. So I hugged by bolster and rested my head on the bolster. Fell asleep.

I woke up; god knows what time was it, neck pain and back pain. I lied back down on the bed, then the stupid ‘peak pain’ came again! I was like WTH!!! Really don’t let me sleep nicely is it??? I sat back up again.

So the whole night I slept in a sitting position. I think around 4 or 5am like that, I tried to lie down on bed again, it was all right.

The fact that you are reading this post means that I am still alive. Someone will still have to marry me somehow. No escape.

* I think my kidney stone has grown bigger and it starting to cause immense pain. While I am writing this, my left side of the stomach still feel abit sourish. Sigh, getting older and getting more sickness. Sienz.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House of Pakeeza - Section 14

I was introduced to this restaurant in my previous company and I love it ever since. But after I left my company 2 years ago, I have never been back to this place coz I seldom can find people who like Pakistani food. Until today, I found a kaki, which is Suyin. She super duper love Nothern Indian food but she said the food is expensive.

So I brought her to this restaurant. I never was the one who order the food. So I dont know the price. When I flipped open the menu, the price was ok, not that cheap and not so expensive either. We were the only Chinese in the restaurant, the lady boss was very friendly and recommending the dishes to us base on our taste.

Papadom (RM1 per piece). This you can omit it out when you make the ordering. When she offers you that time, you can just say no thanks. Coz is chargeable!

Mango Lassi (RM6). I didnt order it, so I took boy boy's one to take photo.

Curry. FOC.

Plain Naan (RM2).

Tandori Roti (RM2)

Garlic Naan (RM4.50). I super like this one.

Palak Paneer (RM6). I have been craving for this ever since I remember this restaurant. It is spinach with cheese and I super like it! I can finish the whole portion myself. hahaha. Nikky was hesitant to take this at first, but after he took the first scoop, he said it was very nice.

Brinjal Pajeri (RM5.50). This tasted like special spice and herbs. Suyin and I like it but boy boy said it tasted weird.

Chicken Bombaywala (RM12). This chicken is full of spice and herbs as well. Very peppery. And I like it.

Mutton Pillao (RM36). We ordered for 2 portion (RM18 x 2). When it was served, it was like as high as a mountain wei! scared all of us. The lamb leg was huge at the bottom and there was a lot of meat. The briyani rice was quite good too.

I definately will go back again, numerous time. No doubt.

House of Pakeeza Sdn Bhd
The Right Angle 14 & 16,
Jalan 14/22, 46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 4564

Restaurant Nyonya - SS2

Looking for a nyonya restaurant to dine and this is near boy boy's place.

Pie Tea (RM7.90 for 5 pieces). This is their new item in the menu. I am not fussy with pie tee, as long as it is crunchy and the chilli is good, this is enough for me.
We ordered two set lunch (that consists of one chicken / beef, sotong, acar, soup and dessert). One set cost RM12.90. The ABC and cendol was not bad.

Acar. To me, it was ok. Boy boy said not nice.

Beef rendang. It was ok to me.

Sambal sotong. Tasted very fishy and the sea smell was very strong. We suspect they use overnight food. Each of us tried one piece and didnt touch it anymore. Somemore there were 2 plates of this. Super un-delicious. Euek!

Chicken rendang. Boy boy said not nice.

If they prepare the set lunch dishes with a standard like that, mai suai dont do it. Spoilt their image and quality. It was totally a super low class food. Even nasi kandar or nasi daun taste much more better than this. If you are looking for Nyonya food, take Peranakan House or Sri Melaka that serve authentic Nyonya food.
This restaurant definately is a no-no for me next time.

Restoran Nyonya
52, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
(same row as Sri Siam).