Monday, December 28, 2009

Super long holidays!

I have been on leave since last Wednesday until today. Tomorrow only start working. I know I have been negleting my blog coz I really have nothing to write, no makan place to blog about ma, and nothing big happening to me also, that's why no tiny thoughts lor.

Sigh, holiday, stay at home also can get myself sick. Have been coughing and flu for the past few days. Sien la like that. Find difficulty to sleep soundly. My dad asked me to go and see doctor and get some antibiotics but antibiotic is super harmful to the body, so I insist not going to see doctor. Drank kat chai water, eat pei pa gou and eat some sore throat sweet should be fine. I hope.

Now, I have compiled all the makan place that I have dined throughout my holidays:

Hing Loong Taiwanese House (Damansara Uptown)

Pork trotter noodle.
Pork ribs noodle. The portion was half size smaller compared to a more famous Taiwanese Noodle house in ss2, of course the price was half cheaper than the latter. I would prefer ss2 version of Taiwan mee. But boy boy prefer this restaurant one.

Taiwan sausage. Quite nice.

Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat Buffet (Bandar Puteri Puchong)

I was suppose to eat Jogoya with boy boy during his college mates gathering that night. But boy boy couldnt make it on time coz KL was super jam. So we joined my bro's frens to Shabu Shabu lor. After I discovered Ho Ho Steamboat, no other steamboat place can beat Ho Ho. Even this Shabu Shabu restaurant. I have no idea why it is always full house.

Boy boy asked King yew what is nice here, he said the pork slices. Indeed, the pork slices were quite good, the best among other things on the conveyer belt. King Yew ate 3 plates himself. Haha.

Tappers Cafe (Jaya One)

Tappers Chicken Chop set. It was supposed to taste like Hainanese Chicken Chop, but this one was far from that. My grandma version of chicken chop is better than this. The taste was quite bland.

Fish and Chips Set. Took them 20 minutes to serve mine. Boy boy also finished his chicken chop already. The fish was fresh and the coating was very very crunchy. Well, the fish was quite good. The fries and the green peas were not ok.

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant (Chow Yang SS2)

The last time I blogged about this place, I didnt get to eat their dessert. So this time I asked them to serve it before the food arrives. The taste was just nice, not too sweet and not too bland. However, the ice was not blended well enough, you get to see chunks and chunks of ice in it. I have to wait till it cool down, I mean, the ice melted then only the dessert tasted nice. The uncles at the table beside us scooped out all the ice to his plate.

Steamed Fish (RM29). The fish was really meaty and fresh. The soup was super spicy lor. But it tasted delicious though.

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