Sunday, December 6, 2009

Se Pei's wedding

I was engaged by Se Pei to make up her husband, Adren's sister and mum, plus Se Pei's mum too. The one on my right is Ching Hui, Adren's sis and the one on my left is Erica, Adren's brother's girlfriend. When I was at Adren's house, he introduced almost all of his family whenever they passed by.

I thought of wearing sexy a bit to attend the wedding. But I didnt because I need to do makeup, so it would be a bit uncomfortable wearing a little too less during the makeup. So I wore my grey dress, a bit formal and decent lor. I save my sexy dress for Martin's wedding in January.

Mun Yee and her baby, Clarys. She only cried when it was all dark for the entrance of the bridegroom and bride.

Se Pei's gown was really beutiful and long tail too. Of coz the bride was beutiful too!

There were tons and tons of roses in the hall. After the even finished, the guests 'plucked' the roses from the stand and took home.

Oooo! I love her gown! The color was really nice and the design was perfect! Take a look at the pink bow at her waist and the flowers details on the dress. This gown really essentuate her nice body figure. Wise choice!

Wish Se Pei and Adren live happily ever after!

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