Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ninja Assasin

I missed the front part again! When we watched, young Raizo was already in the dojo learning ninja skills.
The young childhood story was filmed in a flash back scenes, where he was picked up from the street and trained to be a killer since young. You get to see how he was trained by his master to become emotionless, fearless, painless as well as his techniques of walking quietly, action in the dark and swift moves. The training was painful.

He betrayed the Ozuno clan because he doesnt agree the principals of the clan. Since then, he works alone and trying to hunt the Ozuno clan down. Raizo can fight 30 over ninjas single handedly because he was the only one trained to become an assasin.

The movie was filled with violent gory slashing scenes. That's what a ninja movie should be like, right? The katana was so sharp until it can slash the whole arm off.

I am not a fan of Rain, I watched it just because it is an action movie. However, I do like Rain's body in this movie, especially when he was in leather jacket, super macho! Boy boy, can you train like Rain's body?

The movie recieved bad ratings in the newspaper but I choose to differ. I think that the movie was quite good despite weak storyline. Who wants to see storyline anyway?? The actions itself was enough to satisfy the audience. Not to mention Rain himself was more than enough to satisfy his fans. Boy boy said it was nice too!

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