Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kushi Q - Tropicana Mall

Really running out of makan place in Tropicana Mall. Found this Japanese Grill from the internet and thought of trying it since the reviews are quite good.

Again, we reached this place at 9pm (my movie was at 9.30pm). The service there was quite slow, I guessed they do not have enough workers for the place. I saw one at the kitchen and one running around the dining area. That's it. Waited quite a while for my ordering. And waited almost 20minutes for my food to reach me. I was super hungry and super rushing for the movie and yet the food was served so slow, while there was not a lot of people. Not to mention the bill came quite slow too.

Both of us ordered a set that came with a bowl of rice, and watermelon. Boy boy's bowl of rice came with an egg plus a bowl of miso soup but mine do not have. I wondered my set was originally like that or they missed it out accidentally. I have no idea.

The miso soup was not nice. The rice was flooded with some sauce thingy which I dont quite like it. I finished the whole bowl coz I was super hungry and the rice was hot too, good for raining days.

Boy boy's kushi set B2 - chicken thigh with capsicum, baby octopus and chicken wing teriyaki flavour.

Mine was kushi set E1 - Beef pineapple, baby octopus, prawns and crispy fish original flavour. The beef was quite good. The baby octopus was huge! with some sesame, I think it tasted perfect! The prawns were below par. The fried fish was ok, no fishy taste and not oily.

Maybe the next time I will go back there and take-away the octopus and try their scallops. I might bring into the cinema and eat instead of popcorn. Hahaha.

Kushi Q
LG20, Lower Ground
Tropicana Mall
(Near Carrefore)

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