Sunday, December 6, 2009

Having a break!

PY, Angela and I went for a training at JW Marriott. I was expecting a buffet lunch at JW Marriott hotel but instead the lunch was at Shook, Starhill. I thought it was a high class place coz there was no buffet, it was fixed meal instead.

The first day I chose chicken out of the two options, the chicken was tasteless and the meat was super tough. Not to forget the salad before chicken sux big time, it was so sour until it became bitter. Luckily the dessert puding was good. The waitresses were bad too, they do not smile. So unfriendly for such a restaurant at Starhill.

Then, came second day, I didnt expect anything better than the day before. We followed our classmates and sat the place the day before. When we sat down, a waitress came and asked us, "Do you have any reservation?". We were so shocked! What the heck do you mean by reservation??? You think we were gate crashing Shook??? She asked us in an unfriendly manner ok, so rude. We told her that we were under XXX training course. Then she walked off and came back and said our seats were not there, they asked us to shift to another area. wtf.

We were served drinks as usual. Once Angela bend the straw, it broke into two pieces. Omg! The 'things' (include the waitresses) here were so below standard.

Another dumb salad dish.

Luckily the teriyaki chicken save the day! It was good compared to the day before. But PY's one was not cook and requested them to stir fry it again. This Shook is so just below standard. It is worse than a normal restaurant located at normal shopping complexes. If you are putting up a restaurant until a famous branded Starhill, please cook properly.

Dessert was mango chocolate mousse. The top part was filled with a super sour passion fruit cream. Even when I ate together with the mango and chocolate mousse, it still cant take off its super soury taste. Does the cook even taste their food???? Gosh!

Testing the lighting and to find a good angle to camwhore.

3 stooges in action again! [You get to see the 3 stooges more coz we are going to PD for training this weekend! = boy boy has license to go clubbing again.]

This is the most figures captured in my camera.

Starhill with some christmas decorations.

Entrance to Starhill from JW Marriott.

Since we have a little bit of extra time, we went to Pavillion to see some Christmas decoration. I love the following photo the most!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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