Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eric's Seafood Steamboat - Hartamas Shopping Complex

My family and I wanted to eat Eric Tsang's restaurant, it was full house. There was this couple in front of us, when the captain told them that have to wait for 20 minutes, they were hesitating whether to wait or not. Then, this girl picked up the phone and called her friend to ask whether they wanna wait.

So, the captain saw that this girl was a bit slow in responding (it was like 1 - 2 minutes), the captain proceeded to talk to my dad. I told my dad to put down the name first then we come back. Once the girl heard I said this, she quickly told the captain loudly that she wanted to put her name down at the waiting list too. I was like WTH??? You cant make up your mind at the first place, then why bother to jump into our conversation? So dem rude and no manners, and so kiasu.

We put down our name, of coz 'after' the rude girl. We went and walked around Plaza Damas to look for some snacks or dessert to eat first. We found this, "Bonnie's Kitchen" that serve quite a number of desserts.

Durian Pancake (RM6). Not bad actually. Better than Tim Pan Koh Koh. But the durian a bit little lor.
This shop is famous for their bamboo basket tau fu fa. It costs RM10 but we wanted to try out what is so special about this. The waitress put soya bean drink and hot water into a steel bowl, then covered it with the cover to wait for it to get steamed until tau fu fa.

She told us to wait for 5 minutes before opening the bucket. After 5 minutes, it was still watery. Then we waited for another 5 minutes. We started doubting the theory of this bucket whether it really works or not. Ended up, half of it was tau fu fa, and half of it was water. swt. The tau fu fa was soft and smooth but tasteless. We poured tremendous amount of sugar into it and the sugar was tasteless too! This bucket is a waste of money.
Glutinous rice ball in black sesame. The black sesame dessert was out of standard, it tasted like the ready-made powder and mixed it with hot water then it becomes this black sesame dessert. I also know how to do la like that.

This Bonnie Kitchen was a real disappointment. I dont think I wanna go back there again.

Just in time for the Eric's steamboat booking. My dad wanted to eat the steamboat instead of normal dishes. So, we ordered the herbal chicken soup base. The soup was really good and full of herbs, very good for raining day to warm you up.

We ordered Steamboat set for 3 person (RM68++) includes salmon sashimi (x4), fresh tiger prawns (x6), home made cuttlefish ball (x4), teo chew fishball (4), handmade pork ball (4), supreme sliced pork, sliced chicken, sliced fresh fish fillet, fried bean curd skin, seasoning vege and yee mee. Funnily enough the yee mee was only one hard piece and no eggs given at all. For 3 person??? I dont think it is enough lor.

Despite that, the ingredients were fresh. I love the all the fishball varieties, very special.

Sashimi, which was very very thin slice. triple smaller of thickness compared to Zanmai sashimi.

We added on 2 portion of beef (RM10 per portion). I strongly recommend all the beef lovers to order this. It was really good!

My mum ordered kuew teow beef (RM12). This dish considered the best that I have ever tasted. This dish was on par with the big big chinese restaurant.

Guess we might go back there again coz my dad super love this place.

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