Monday, December 28, 2009

Cut la!

I always do something stupid to my hair on every year before CNY. Sometimes it ended up nice and sometime it ended up disastrous. Last time, I do not spend so much money on my hair until recently, Nicole told me something before I went to Bangkok that strucked my head. She said, "Mun, go do something with your hair la before you go Bangkok!". I listened to her and I did rebonding and coloring, and the Bangkok pictures turned out beautifully. I mean I looked beautiful ok. :P

Then, the nice hair didnt last long, so I went back to the salon again and did rebonding plus a hair cut. Seeing fringe is the 'in' thing now, and PY also cut fringe and she looks younger, so I went and followed. Ended up like this:

I.... dont know what to say. It has been years (since I was 12 years old) that I have this type of fringe. I didnt look young also. I look weird. Swt! Die la this time, sure kena laughed by everyone already.

Boy boy's reaction to me --> speechless at first, then he said I look funny.

Boy boy's mum --> said I look like an Eygptian girl. (she really knows the trend)

Boy boy's reaction after listening to his mum --> 'What Eygptian!! Is China girl!' (I sweat big time).

My sis --> 'YER!'

My mum --> 'Wah, cut until like this ar? Looks different'

Nikky --> 'An yong ha seh yo!'. (He still havent recover from his Korea trip)

(* you guys wanna add some more reactions? I can edit / update it here*) (I bet Angela has something to say coz she super pantang this type of fringe. Hahaha)

Updated 5/1/10:

My 70+ years old Grandma: I called her when I entered the house, she stared at me. When I scooping out the rice, she stood beside me and stared at me. Then she said, " are ah Mun is it? You cut your hair liao?"

Farish: "Fuiyoh! Macam Barbie Doll saje"

Qab: He walked few steps then stopped and looked at me. Continued a few steps, he turned back and looked at me. Then I called his name. He, "aiks! siew mun ar??? I ingat colleague baru, tak berani tegur u le"

Angela: She kept on laughing when she saw me.

Saravanan: "You and PY look like Austin Powers' Fook Me and Fook You".

Suyin: she said I suit this hairstyle.

My SVP: Walking towards the door, and he stopped, "New hair cut, nice".

Ravichandran: "Last time you look like a chick, now...erm..." He was short of words to describe my new hairstyle. Then I said, "So now I am a chick anymore la???"

Sigh, my poor new hair style. Even I myself find it funny. Then I told boy boy that I will split back to my side parting. Then he stopped me, he said I look cute wor.... Now only he said like that after listening to all my complains.

3 days later, I went back to the salon. Nope, not to do side parting but to color it. I chose red-brown color. At the intial stage, the color wont come out yet. 2 weeks later la, I will have red hair liao. At least I colored it already, it looks better than the first photo right???

Got to stick with this hair style until CNY then I can grow long back again.


Angela said...

Fuuyooh!!! New year new haircut!! Seems like someone is ready to back to school..back to standard 1. Dont cry yah and dont bully ppl woh. must be a good student yah.

phuiyee said...

You should thanks me for the hairsytle. I inspired you to cut :)Hahahhaa...