Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Dinner 2009

Besides celebrating Christmas, 25 Dec is also my parents anniversary. As of 2009, it is their 29th year. To avoid the crowd on Christmas day, we chose a Chinese restaurant rather than a Western one. And we ended up at Eric's Steamboat Restaurant again. Coz this place has already been listed in my dad's favourite place to dine in.

We didnt opt for steamboat this time. We ordered Dinner Set (RM68++) for 4 dishes, 5 bowls of rice, one soup and one dessert. There are 4 groups of food you can choose from: 1st group being pork or chicken dishes, 2nd group being fish or prawn dishes, 3rd being egg or beancurd dishes and last being vege.
Hong Siu Tao Fu. This dish was nicely done in a claypot manner. The sauce has some wax sausage taste.
Char Siew. Not bad.
Buttered Prawns. This dish was really delicious. The butter thingy was really crispy and buttery. The portion was huge too, I think around 10 big prawns in it.

Stir Fried Brinjal with prawns. Another good dish.

On top of the set, we ordered Peking Duck (RM35 for half duck) as additional. It tasted as good as ever.

The whole meal cost around RM120 (after 10% discount off the duck as my dad has a member card). It was really worth it for this scrumptious meal during Christmas day for a family of 5.

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