Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cagayan's - Bandar Utama Centrepoint

Boy boy and I went for food hunting in BU Centrepoint. Thought of eating Pizza Uno, but suddenly I remembered some bloggers blogged about this pork ribs in Centrepoint, so we detoured to find this restaurant.

Actually I expected a large crowd coz normally when a restaurant was reviewed by a famous blogger, the crowd will turn up automatically. But not for this case though. The restaurant was quite empty, only 3 tables occupied when we reached there. Well, that's a good news right coz we do not need to wait for seats.

Cagayan is a Filipino restaurant. Hm...never try Filipino food before. I was so scared that it doesnt suit my taste. But I am willing to try.

Caldereta which was Lamb Stew (RM12.50) with rice. This dish was just a so-so dish only. It looked like curry but not curry (sentence sounds familiar? :P). It doesnt taste like western style stew lamb also. The lamb texture was so-so, not that soft actually. The stew sauce was nothing spectacular though. Boy boy didnt quite like it coz he didnt take much also.

Chicken Sisig (RM16). They have pork sisig too, but the pork they used are pork ears. Boy boy kept on saying wanna order that, but I wasnt too adventurous to eat some 'exotic' things. So, we went for the chicken instead. It came in a sizzling pan, we squeezed the lime juice on it. Then we mixed it together.

And it turned out like that. I do not know whether this is the correct way to eat this sisig or not. But never mind, it was edible. This dish tasted quite unique and good actually. Some soury and some mayonaise taste, it was really nice to eat with rice.

Signature Pork Ribs (RM36.50 for 6 slabs) with oriental chilli sauce. They offer 4, 6 and 8 slabs of ribs with 3 different type of sauce. I was a bit regretted for ordering the oriental chilli sauce. I quite like the oriental taste of the ribs but the chilli sauce spoilt the whole dish, should have went for oriental sauce only.

Nevertheless, the ribs were super big! Compared to the pork ribs that I had in Tony Roma's Bangkok, Cagayan's one was 5x bigger. We couldnt finish it, so we tabao 2 slabs back for boy boy's mum to try.

We got 10% on the pork ribs coz they are having promotion. Will I go back there again? Erm...depends on my mood lor.

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