Monday, December 28, 2009

Bodyguards and Assassins

The movie was set in 1905 where CiXi emperor assigns assassins to kill Sun Yat Sen who is planning for a revolution. So there are a few characters who are involved in protecting Sun Yat Sen during his visit in Hong Kong.

Now, let's see who are the bodyguards:

Tony Leung as Chen ShaoBai, chief editor of a newspaper. He is the revolutionary and the one who plans the visit of Sun Yat Sen. Wang Xueqi and Li Yutang, a businessman. Both these actors acted well enough in the movie, both has strong emotions.

Nicholas Tse, a rickshaw puller, my favourite actor of all time. I thought he is a kungfu master before I watch this movie, but ended up he is just an amateur with a brave heart. Quite farnie la his character.

Mengke Bateer as Wang Fuming, a former Shaolin monk that sells smelly toufu. His character was so sad, kena stabbed by people, didnt die at the first round, then kena stabbed again the second round.

Donnie Yen as Shen Chongyang, a gambler. Do expect lots of martial arts by Donnie Yen. But he kena whacked like mad in the movie, the whole face also disfigured and bengkak badly.

Leon Lai as Liu Yubai, the most 'hilarious' character, a beggar. A skilled martial artist with an iron fan. Why I said is the most 'hilarious'? It was because that the appearance as a beggar was ok, lots of curly hair (I mean bushy) and moustache. But the night before the fight, he shaves his moustache away, then his hair suddenly because straight, as if after rebonding. swt. Leon Lai doesnt suit this character la.

The above bodyguards all died except Tony Leung and Wang. What a sad story lor. I thought the good people are not suppose to die! Especially Wang's son, died so innocently. Plus, all died in a very horrible way. Sigh. I dont like sad ending. But, this movie is worth a watch. Just like my bro said, "one of the best Hong Kong movie this year". I agree.

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