Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Another much-hyped and awaited film of this year. I went in with high expectation, came out 100% satisfied. James Cameron did a fine job in this movie. But a 2 hour 40 minutes movie was too long for me, sit until my butt also pain. Nevertheless, a movie worth watching second time. Hehe.
The story is similar to Pocahontas, where the humans intend to invade the place of the natives, in this movie, it would be the Na’vi in Pandora.

Sam Worthington looks skinnier compared to his role in Terminator Salvation. He is muscular in Avatar but not as muscular as in TS. His character Jake Sully was the chosen one by Eywa (the God of Na’vi, I think). He got drawn into the Na’vi clan accidentally and have a chance to learn their culture and hunting skills. The best part of the movie is to watch how Jake masters all the skill especially the Banshee, Ikran.

Zoe Saldana does not has a chance to show her real face at all coz she is born as a Na’vi princess. I do admire her professionalism of learning how to talk, walk and behave like a Na’vi before filming the movie. Indeed, she did a great job. A princess with a fighter spirit.
Sigourney Weaver’s character Dr Grace Augustine is kind-hearted and brave. I do think that she looks exactly like herself when she is in her avatar. Compared to Sam, who looks totally different in his avatar. Hm…maybe she requested from the director not to contour her face too much?

Michelle Rodriguez as marine pilot, Trudy was as brave as usual. I always like to watch MR in any movies. Her boyish figure and behavior really attracts me. Especially in this movie, she is one of the good soldiers among other soldiers. So cool!

pictures credited to yahoomovies.

Besides the characters, I was drawn into the movie by the world of Na’vi and all the ‘animals’ and ‘plants’. Super interesting. How can someone imagination goes so wild to create all these things??? Salute!110% recommending you guys to go and watch Avatar. A movie not to be missed this year.

P/S: I am going to watch the 3D version tomorrow. Woohoo!

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