Thursday, December 10, 2009


Actually I dont intend to watch the movie due to the bad comments from people who has watched it. But Boy boy wanna watch it so I obey lor. Booked the tickets in GSC One Utama coz Tropicana mall time schedule was not so good ie. 7pm and 10pm.

Thought of eating Zanmai again coz quite a while I did not visit them. Ordered soft shell crab okonomiyaki (RM12.90). The crab was all right but the okonomiyaki was totally out of standard. It tasted like normal pan fried egg to me. Nothing okonomiyaki-like for this dish.

Nabe Kaisen (RM15.90). The soup was sweet and tasted good. I like the soup. The other ingredient was also ok. I wonder why they did not give me a small bowl to scoop out the things from the boiling pot. I think they expect me to eat from the pot, which is located on top of a burner with flame. swt. The oyster was super fishy.

Now, back to the movie. The movie was ok. Nothing spectacular. The effect was really good! See how the earthquake, volcano and tsunami coming. Wooh! But the main actors running away from the disaster was so fake ie. the limo ran across the spitting road, aeroplane twirled along the failing buildings. Fake fake fake.

The movie was too long, I sat until my butt also pain, and my eyes were blur and stingy at the last hour of the movie. When I rubbed my eyes, boy boy thought I was crying. No la, the movie was nothing sentimental also.

Now I understand why PY said she wanna become a pilot after this movie. But PY, I think you should become a sailor coz the survivors survived in a ship! Hahaha.

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