Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiny Thoughts # 15

Last night I was in a conversation with boy boy:

Me: tomorrow afternoon cant teman you coz I got a makeup job...after that, I come find you dinner.

BB: Aiyo! tomorrow dinner I cant teman you wo, I got farewell party

Me: (farewell party again???) where to?

BB: clubbing lor...

Me: It's like you go clubbing every week lor, so many farewell party meh??? Last time was your senior, then this time also your senior, how many seniors do you have??

BB: No....last time is my technician, this time is my senior.

Me: But you have been to clubbing for like 5 times in 2 months! Everytime also farewell party. Wanna lie also give a better reason la. So like to clubbing

BB: No la, actually I dont like clubbing one.

Me: (oooo....that's new to me!) You sure or not? then just say dont wanna go la.

BB: Cannot la, if I say I dont wanna go, then my colleagues will be disappointed lor.

Me: ok la, ok la....go more...coz after marriage you cannot go clubbing liao.

The whole conversation was not in a heated form, it was basically both of us joking around. I am not mad. I am not pissed. or anything. Is his life what. Who am I to control him. I am no one. I just dont like him drunk like an idiot. That's it.

I told him that everytime he go clubbing, then will he one night stand with other girl or not. Instead of the usual 'Of course not' answer. He answered me with Pitbull's song called Hotel Room Service:

" Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room"
"You can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room"


My boyfriend sux big time.

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