Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tiny Pisses # 10

Stupid LRT was dem doink!

When it reached KJ station, it didnt open the door and allow the passenger to go out. 5 seconds later, it moved back to Tmn Bahagia LRT station and did an announcement, "For passengers who wish to go out at KJ, please go out at Tmn Bahagia, and go to another platform and board another train".

So a bunch of people rushed out from the LRT in Tmn Bahagia, walked down the staircase, go to the opposite and waited for another train.

This whole process took another 10-15minutes of my time. When I got into my car, my mum immediately scolded me, "next time, when you come out from the LRT only you call us to come out from the house ok!"

Ok mum. If I do that, I will be standing beside the road for another 10 minutes, just to wait for you to leave the house.

Stupid LRT made me kena scolding by my mum. Pissed.


maro^gal said... only reaction after reading.....

u dint explain to ur mum why u so long meh??...

msia transport is like tat de la.... with the 2 ''truck'' toy link together and move... aiyo.....

siewmun said...

Explained but she still insisted that I reach KJ station only call her. Dem mou lek lor.

The LRT is really dem sux.