Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping spree starting again

Just came back home after a short shopping trip with Nicole. Before that, we had lunch with Heng. I spent so much money in an hour. Terrer! I really need to buy all these stuffs.

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer (RM110) for my upcoming bride. So it is necessary for the makeup job.

Baby toys for Baby JL who is going to turn a year old in 15 November.
A baby bag for 2 months old Sharon's baby. I dont know her name yet coz I was so busy for the last three weekends until her fullmonth party also I couldnt make it. I am going to visit her and baby on Sunday.
A cheesecake for my dad, whose birthday is today! Happy Birthday Dad! At first, I dont intend to buy, but Nicole said this is super nice, must try, she said, 'Buy for your dad! is his bday!". Ok, trust her high class taste.

We took LRT back. I was seated beside the wall, and Nicole was seated opposite me. Then, this young chap on my left was sleeping. While I was talking to Nicole, Nicole's big eyes staring at my left side, then when I turned slightly, this guy head almost knock my head, then I quickly moved aside. I felt his hair touched my hair. Nicole kept on laughing. I saw her trying to control her laughter. Then the foreign lady seated 2 seats beside Nicole laughed even louder. She saw the whole thing and she kept gesturing to me about this guy and how I reacted towards him. Dem embarrased.

That doink fella fell asleep until his head is shaking right and left following the LRT momentum. So the whole journey, my head was sticking to the wall, and I sat half of the seat to avoid his swinging head. Nicole kept on giggling. =.="

At Bangsar station, the guy beside Nicole left, so I quickly switched my place to her side. That guy woke up and never sleep after that. I was like wth???? I sit beside u, u sleep and swing your head to me. When I leave, you wake up and eyes dem big. Purposely one ar you???

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