Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant - SS2

Boy boy told me that he saw a review in Sin Chew newspaper on a cheap Thai restaurant around SS2 area. Since both of us love Thai food and he said is considerably cheap, we went for food hunting. Why I say food hunting? it was because this boy boy forgotten the restaurant name and the address. He only remember SS2. The famous SS2 area does not have a new Thai restaurant opening, so it just leave out SS2 Chow Yang area. And indeed, we found it!

As if Thai Restaurant is not enough, they have to add in 'Authentic' Thai. This really up a level of the game and my expectation once I entered. It was 9pm when we entered and the restaurant was not packed at all, and three out of five tables were still waiting for food. Oh uh....they have a slow service is it???? I was worried coz I was super hungry.

Stir fried Kangkung (RM8). This was just a normal dish but they gave a huge amount of vege that caters for 3 - 4 people.

Fried Chicken Wings (RM9). We didnt go for the pandan chicken, we took this recommended chicken wings instead. At RM9, you get to have 4 big pieces of wings! The wings were well-marinated with some Thai herbs and it was not oily at all. Quite a good dish I can say.

Tomyam Seafood (RM15). It comes in 3 sizes and we ordered a small one. It has prawns, squid, fish fillet and fan mushrooms. Now, since it is call 'Authentic', I do not think this tomyam is authentic at all. Of course, I compared it with Somboon tomyam (when I was in Thailand). This version of tomyam can be compared with local Thai restaurants but not Thailand Thai restaurant.

It was not spicy and not sour, or maybe a bit spicy and a bit sour la. It was not that bad actually. Rich with herbs and spices, it was alright. Boy boy prefers this version compared to Sri Siam (another Thai restaurant with long standing history), as Sri Siam's version tomyam soup will numb your tongue, one scoop of the soup it contains at least 5 biji of chilli padi, siao one.

I quite like this restaurant and would like to come back to taste other food. However, one thing that pissed me off was that their Thai dessert finished. This sounds nothing to you right, but the thing was I ordered this dessert when I placed the order for food. The owner told me that, "we serve the dessert after the food ok". I agreed. So I didnt order any drinks and was eagerly waiting till the end of the session.

When we waived, a waiter came with the bill, then we said it was not the bill, please serve our dessert. Then, the waiter came second round with the bill again and said, "sorry, our dessert finished already". I was like a bit disappointed and a bit pissed. If it was finish, the owner should have told me when I placed order at the first place. My theory was that, he served the dessert to other tables during our dining time and it was finished.

Now when I write about it, I felt my anger raised again. It was just so unfair. I should have ask him to serve the dessert straight away, and not wait until the end of the dinner. Even I feel like going back to try out other stuffs, wait till my anger lower down first then only I will go back. Luckily I didnt make a big fuss on it. The owner was sitting at the counter and dont dare to approach me, he asked his waiter to do so. Scardy cat! If you did a mistake, admit it! or give me a discount also I wont be so mad ok.

That's my review on this restaurant. When you make a blogger mad, that's what you get in return. Pissed. Super. Pissed. And this restaurant consider lucky that I didnt tag it under "Tiny Pisses" posts.

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant
26, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 78777859
(Same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar, Chow Yang)

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